Saturday, 11 December 2010

Is this really the only alternative to fossil fuels?

How frustrating it is to come across web sites like the one below!

"Generate your own energy!

Renewable energy technologies like wind turbines, solar panels and biomass heaters offer an alternative to fossil fuels and can help reduce your homes CO2 emissions.

There are financial benefits too. Investing in a renewable energy technology now basically means pre-buying energy at today’s prices for a future where energy may cost a lot more. If fuel prices rise, your pay back would happen even sooner."

The above exhortation comes from, but there are dozens - probably hundreds or even thousands of similar schemes around the world. They urge us to buy into these wonderful-sounding solutions as if they are the answer to the energy crisis - but they aren't - they barely scratch the surface of the problem - but the most frustrating thing about them is that even though there is a real solution - Bessler's gravitywheel - they dismiss it, ignore it or they don't know about it (or they don't want to know about it!).

The world of science has long scoffed at the possibility of running a wheel driven continuously by the force of gravity, and it will take a sea-change in thinking to make someone somewhere sit up and take notice - or a working model!

It's been done before so we know beyond reasonable doubt that gravitywheels are possible. Johann Bessler achieved it and first demonstrated it on 6th July, 1712. In less than two years time it will be the 300th anniversary of that day. I am determined to celebrate the occasion with a complete working reconstruction of the gravitywheel that Johann Bessler invented, if not by me then by someone - anyone!  And.....

...despite temperatures of -8 degrees Celsius (about 17 degrees Fahrenheit) during most of the last two weeks, I have managed to do some work on my current construction of a Bessler wheel model, and regardless of previous experience, I dare say, confidence is high!


  1. Be encouraged John,...the answer is closer than you think! I can assure you in no uncertain terms that the wheel will make its appearance soon.
    The solution is right under our noses and should spring into life at least by this Christmas.There will no longer be any excuse to bother with these toxic nuclear power stations.

    Believe me when I say this wheel is going to be strong and its going to be reliable.

  2. It sound's that Trevor have working prototype.

  3. Not quite yet but I have all the theory locked up, even down to the purpose of the apologia wheel,which is vital. A few more days and we should be there.

  4. Whatford your words have been marked. Let us all see how you will eat crow on December 26th! You can put all the explanations you want on page 3 of your website, but you'd better have a working model then to back them up!

    Oh wait, that's why you are here. You can't update the mess that is your own website and you are using John's blog comments as your own blog, to arrogantly announce your "progress" and to ride on the visibility of his site.

    Prove me wrong! Stop wasting time here and build that working model, but hurry up. You've only got 13.5 days now since you so adamantly shot your mouth off, so off you go then.

  5. Who on earth is Whatford? I have not got a website.You must be confusing me with someone else.
    I anycase I only contribute here to liven things up cause thats what we need, a bit of competition to envoke some enthiusiasm which we don't seem to be getting from you.
    I'll tell you what ,...How about you and I have a race for a working wheel.

  6. He has mistaken you for Trevor Lyn Whatford on Bessler forum...We can't fix a deadline like 26th dec...This is an ongoing research and it will surely take its own time....not possible this year in any case...

  7. Thanks Suresh,...He's obviously got it in for this guy. I'm sorry if my confidence conveys the impression that I enjoy being right. Rather it is an indication of the good solid progress I have been making.
    My challenge still stands though.

  8. Yes John,...I can relate to your sentiments when you read of renewable energy technologies on the one hand and on the other you know of an easier way(Perpetual Motion). We can't wait to give it to the world if they would just believe it was indeed possible.
    I'm just so glad I don't have to work in your freezing cold temperatures.

  9. I have recently been critcised and mistaken for a guy named Trevor Lynn Whatford.I decided to check out his website and his explanation of the inner workings of Bessler's wheel. It did not take me long to realise that he is definitely way off the mark.
    He has taken the wrong turning and his wheel is not overunity. For future referance my actual name is,...Trevor Edgar Dauncey. My father and grandfather hails from Stroud,England.I now live in Cape Town and this is where I will launch a working prototype of Bessler's wheel.

  10. Cebu, and now Manila, Philippines here, Trevor. Nice and warm too. Poor John is working in the cold there - I cannot say it's cold here. We have two seasons here: hot and bloody hot. Right now it's "winter" and, therefore, just hot.

    It looks like you are making definitely good progress there and I am extremely curious, I must admit. Can you perhaps lift a tip of the veil?

  11. Hi Andre,...nice to have a bit of a profile, it brings us closer together. At the risk of leading people off the track, I must prove my theory first.
    Even while I'm building I have to re-assure and convince myself this is going to work. One can so quickly have doubts if even the engineering does not go smoothly.
    Suffice to say, its incredibly simple but the mechanics has to be just right for it to work, as with anything that needs timing. This does not mean that the wheel is critical. Once it works it will go indefinitely, subject to good engineering of course.

  12. Ok Dauncey, so you're not Whatford.  Everything said still stands. 

    You shoot your mouth off, in blog comments, about having or about to have a working wheel, and then, when pressed a little, you say "not quite yet but I have all the theory locked up" or "I must prove my theory first" and "re-assure and convince myself this is going to work".  So, you're no different to the rest of us then?

    What happened to what you said August 6, 2010 at 4:45 PM, on another blog:

    "It is dangerous to make categorical statements about perpetual motion judging them to be impossible just because of past failures.  I would just like to inform you that perpetual motion power is quite possible because I have proved it to myself by building one. It is even available for demonstration when and where ever upon appointment."

    Huh?  Where is THAT proven machine, that can even be seen by appointment? I'm sure excuses will follow!

    Stay optimistic, but quit trying to convince everyone you are right and that you do or will have something. 
    Quit trying to "race to a working wheel".  Spend that time working and maybe, eventually, you will. When you get stuck, find ways to get un-stuck. 

    The reason people have to rely on renewable alternatives to fossil fuel, is because nobody produces anything else. You can't blame people for not believing in what we are trying to do. 

    Crying wolf gets old!

  13. Oh Anon!...What would we do without your input.
    You're just going to make the launch all the sweeter.
    Believe it or not I am only human and 69. And if you really want to know why it takes so long...I am not prepared to demonstrate a wheel in public that looks like some mickey mouse effort because I believe in first impressions.

  14. Whatever...

    I knew there would be excuses, not answers!

    Mickey mouse indeed!

  15. Don't you see Anon? You're the cause of it all.
    You were the one on the 6th August who said categorically that I would never succeed with perpetual motion. So I took up your challenge saying I would prove you wrong.
    I don't need to bother with excuses,the wheel will speak for itself. What excuses are you going to give when you see it with your own eyes?

  16. So,Yo are 100% certain.
    In that cause it would be better to stop all my activity on the project,until you prove your working apparatus.

  17.  Anonymous said (2 AUGUST 2010 16:01)...
    No Suresh, he won't succeed. Nods to LIB for showing logic. Trevor what's your issue with the scientific community? They don't have anything against you. I think it's jealousy. If you took the same amount of energy you say you've put into wheel building and applied it to actually learning something you'de put recognition in its proper place.

     Trevor said (2 AUGUST 2010 16:27)...
    I'm not against science, I used to get top marks for science,I love science and open mindedness. I against the closed minded scientific community that declares that perpetual motion power is impossible and that heavier than air craft could not fly,derr.You have to agree there, otherwise why would you waste your time here. Just remember what you said on Aug.2nd.,because I love a challenge.

    That's not the same Anon who is posting now.  

    The fact is, four days after that exchange on John's blog, you posted (on another blog) how you "know perpetual motion power is real because you built one and it is available for demonstration by appointment."

    Are you a liar? Did you fail? Is this another example of "the mechanics have to be just right for it to work", ad nauseum?  How many iterations of "getting it just right" will it take before you consider having a working model first, before boasting about it?

    Don't try to make it about other people. The onus is on you, since you keep bringing it up.

  18. I read Trevor's comment on Dandelion Salad !

  19. I would really like to know Anon's field of expertise because he seems to be talking like a stayed physics Prof.
    After all is said and done I take full responsibility for my words,why,I even gave my full name and address to demonstrate my confidence in the project.
    Whether you like it or not I am going to launch the wheel and there's nothing you can do about it. Even so I do not want others to give up their efforts because the more successful variations we have the better.
    I won't give an exact day soon because if I'm one minute over the deadline I will be penalised by the anon's who will say,I told you so,you have failed.

  20. Trevor,calm down, take a deep breath of fresh air,and please explain gently, about your comment in Dandelion Salad, that, you have perpetual motion power.Your credibility is in question here.
    No offence.

  21. I was reacting to the closed minded physicists who state categorically that perpetual motion is impossible because it conflicts with Newton's laws.I maintain that it does not and it is the laws of motion and enertia that actually make perpetual motion possible.
    Furthermore to back that up I had proved it possible to myself in theory and practical mechanical experiment. I now knew that I could make a complete covered in wheel at an appointed time for public demontration if my claims were challenged,which I am now doing.
    Believe me the principle is mentioned in Bessler's poem and one sentence in plain language would enable you all to do it if you put the puzzle together.
    I will do this,...if only to knock their socks off. I could never be jealous of the scientists,as Anon says,in fact,I deliberately avoided University because I did not want to be stereotyped.

  22. "...closed minded physicists who state categorically that perpetual motion is impossible..."

    As opposed to the nutty tinkerer who states categorically "Whether you like it or not I am going to launch the wheel and there's nothing you can do about it."?

    "Even so I do not want others to give up their efforts..."

    Well, there was no danger of that happening. 

    Trevor, you are but a drop in a sea of people throughout history who thought they had something.  And you are certainly not the first to try and tie Bessler's writings into your own theory.   

    "Furthermore to back that up I had proved it possible to myself in theory and practical mechanical experiment."

    You see?  Trevor insists on telling you all that he has solved it and built a 'practical mechanical experiment' to prove it and that building a wheel is just a technicality or detail of presentation. 

    Make an appointment with him to see this experiment!  

    Anyway, John, I think this whole exercise of being critical of people like Trevor is really on topic for this particular post of yours. 

    "The most frustrating thing about them (alternatives to fossil fuels) is that even though there is a real solution - Bessler's gravitywheel - they dismiss it..."

    No, there isn't a real solution....yet. But the more the enthusiasts claim publicly to have something working, without backing it up, the more everyone else will reject or ignore it. 

    "The world of science has long scoffed at the possibility of running a wheel driven continuously by the force of gravity..."

    You make it sound as though science is unreasonable. You could also rephrase that as "The world of tinkerers has long attempted to build a wheel that could run continuously by the force of gravity."

    "It's been done before so we know beyond reasonable doubt that gravitywheels are possible."

    Bessler did something, but what he didn't do is provide details that would put reasonable doubt to rest. If someone today only did what he did back then, they still wouldn't get credit for having proved anything. The final step has never been done, and that is removing the cover from a working wheel!  

    Until that time, people will continue to claim they have the solution, only to find out that they were mistaken about some little detail that they didn't have enough knowledge about. Or they are a fraud. Either way, those two things hurt this field and drag the rest of us down with them, because there will be yet more reason to ignore. 

    If we want alternate alternative energy, we will have to create it ourselves. The mainstream will not take interest and it is not their fault. It is ours. 

    So go forth, and change the sea!

  23. Sorry John. My post failed, so I resubmitted it, only to find out it did post!

  24. You have a point Anon, in that although there may be a solution we don't know what it is yet.

    But my whole reason d'etre as far as Bessler goes is to get people working to find that solution and therefore I tend to make statements to attract attention to the problem and sometimes they may seem too one-sided, too black and white, but I assume that most people will take what I say with more than a pinch of salt and form their own opinions.

    I have no objection to criticism of either my ideas or anyone else's being posted here, all I ask is that they are kept reasonably respectful and that the language used is acceptable to the majority. As far as I can see you have followed that objective more than adequately.

    I deleted the double posts.


  25. Okay Anon,...perhaps your right.
    I give up.I am a total failure.
    After all, who am I to think I could solve the wheel.Cheers!

  26. Thanks John.

    Trevor, I didn't suggest you give up. You are not a failure, you just haven't (apparently) succeeded...yet.

    So stick to it. There is no shame in being like everyone else...trying to solve it until somebody (finally) does.

  27. John -
    1st thing: I wish you wouldn't allow "anons" to post. They should have the guts to post a name so we who follow this blog can keep up with who's who.

    2nd: Yours and Trevor's enthusiasm & confidence has inspired me. I hope you both remain so. I am confident I'll figure this thing out b4 both of you!

    Keep up the good work.

  28. I know how irritating it is JD, when people use the anon username, but we're all anons really,having a username is just a way of identifying one poster from another.


  29. Hello Jhon
    We -my twin brother Porfirio- and I have been perpetuists for 3 decades and -among other aproaches- have pursued the orffyrean-type of gravity solution all alone... we wrote you a few years ago, when we bought your book (An ancient mystery solved)a decade ago, and your book has been inspirational and motivating all this time, THANKS. We most congratule you for your persistance and your faith on the search for the orffyrean solution, which will proove that the Gravity Field is not necesarily a "conservational field" as it has been presumed to be in absolute terms by conventional physics and which we questioned in our 1985 thesis (Questionning the Laws of Conservation of Energy and Momentum), the achievement of Overunity or "Perpetual Motion" in natural force-fields (as magnetic and gravitationals)is more than a challange for Humankind, we dare to say is part of its Destiny .
    About not patenting and following a different strategy? as you present in this blog....well a very interesting argument but we think there is a lot more to it.
    Vindicating Orffyreus is a most and optimizing the use of his technology -once is reinvented- is a challange almost as great as discovering it, and it should be done by an international think-tank of well intended individuals, not just leave it to "the market" . The reinvention may be achieved by one person alone again, but the best way to promote it and make it the catalist of a new civilization, requires team work of the top level...We sincerely hope you and us will be part of it.
    Happy holydays
    Doroteo and Porfirio Rodriguez
    Dominican Republic
    p.s. please excuse my poorness in comunicating in English

  30. I remember you both and your work. Thank you for the kind words. Good luck with your own efforts and happy holidays to you too.


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