Monday, 27 December 2010

Bessler's Wheel - The Solution to the Energy Crisis - Spread the news!

When I first published my biography about Johann Bessler, also known as Orffyreus, I discovered that there was a small but keen group of people eager for information about the inventor, which resulted in a steady stream of orders from all over the world from people who appeared on the surface at least, to believe in the possibility of a perpetual motion machine.

Now I was never happy with that designation and I have tried over the years to differentiate the term 'perpetual motion' from what I believe was what Besslers wheel was. I have argued that since his wheel seemed to have acquired its energy from the force of gravity, and a 'perpetual motion' motion machine was believed to have no access to external energy, it could not be called a 'perpetual motion' machine and that a better description would be a 'gravity wheel' or 'gravitywheel'. I think most of the people who bought my book are well aware of the distinction and fully understand the impossibility of 'perpetual motion' machines when defined as a machine which runs for ever with no addional input of energy.

It doesn't really matter as long as there are a sufficient number of people, who are prepared to be open-minded about Bessler's claims, to carry on and maintain research into his machine with the aim of discovering the secret of its construction, and to my mind the information available in Bessler's books holds the best hope of success. But what is puzzling me is the sudden drop in orders for my books, allied to the apparent decrease in the number of new members of the Besslerwheel forum - and the fall in the number of posts. I'm not concerned at the fall in income from the sale of books, that only ever helped to recoup some of the cost of translations I had had done over the years, plus of course ongoing costs in running the web sites and doing further research. Even if I got no further income from book sales I would continue with my research. But this seems to indicate a fall in interest.

But why is it that the public interest in Bessler's wheel seems to be disappearing? What has changed? If anything I would have thought that there would be renewed interest as well as more newcomers to the subject. There is so much discussion about the need for a new way of generating electricity; so many adverts around the world by governments desperate to solve the problem of escalating oil prices, and reductions in carbon emissions and the lack of any real alternative to be worthy of consideration ... that I cannot understand the sudden flack of interest.

To me the only answer is to try to spread the word about Bessler's wheel as a potential energy generating device, more widely. But I have tried to spread the word for the last few years with little success. I think something more dramatic is neeeded which will grab everyone's attention. Of course the one thing that would do that would be the announcement of a new device based on Bessler's wheel and that is our ultimate aim, but in case that does not happen in the very near future something else is needed, in order to bring more new amateur researchers into this field of research.

The solution may appear next week or not for ten years or longer, so the sooner the public gets involved the better - and the sooner the wheel will appear.

So all suggestions welcomed for discussion here, but try to keep it legal guys! LOL



  1. How about pointing out the fact that some of the greatest minds in history, including -but not limited to- the great inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla believed that under certain circumstances such "perpetual motion" machines are indeed a possibility? It appears to me that people are getting tired of hearing exciting news, only to see it fade away and never to be heard from again. The media is perhaps to blame for this - positive news doesn't sell, after all, but doom and gloom does.

    That's one of the reasons, IMHO, that we should work more together and come up with updates every now and then when we have some progress to report. There's plenty of fora out there that are interested in that - the new energy congress for example. What we need is more synergy and more focused efforts.

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. Hi John,...I thought your latest blog was very interesting and very relevant.
    Perhaps the reason for the lag of interest is firstly, because hope deferred for to long may cause people to doubt that there will ever be a solution.
    Secondly,there are so many scams out there that people have become hardened and will not take the risk in these tough economic circumstances.
    Anyway be encouraged to know that the wheel will make its appearance soon which will spur a whole new interest, not only in the history of the drama, but in the practical virtue the wheel will bring to an energy hungry world.
    By the way, I personally feel that the wheel should be termed perpetual motion no matter what the boffs say. The reason is, gravity is an inert constant force and cannot be termed energy.
    Bessler discovered a principle that enabled him to use gravity against itself so that the excess can be used to do work. So therefore because it requires no energy, it is nothing but perpetual motion.

  3. I thing that there is no lack of interest on the subject,but lack of endurance.Einstein once said
    why most inventors failed.That shortly before the discovery, they waived.

  4. First, thank you for all the information you have already shared about Bessler. There are a few site about alturnative energy in the USA and all have had a drop in business due to our economy (limited funds or no job) so, I would not take it personal. I tend to be long winded so, I will try and keep this short. I know your plan is to prove it can be done but, here is something to think about in the mean time. If you can biuld a gravity wheel that uses 20%, 50% or 80% gravity then put in the remaining difference you have up the out out of a regular motor. So, a 5kW motor might put out 10Kw or a windmill ight put in the extra push needed to keep the gravity wheel spinning. Again, not to take away from completing Besslers and your work but, helping in energy production. Keep up the good work. Funny thing about all Bessleer's drawings I like a few others can see most of them working just how they are. See long winded.

  5. Why 20%, 50% or 80%...a gravity wheel that uses 100% gravity to produce energy can very well be's just a matter of time....Bessler did is very simple...the clues are's just that no one has realized it yet entirely..

    As Andre sir has pointed out...there is no synergy...we do have all the clues but no one person has all the clues with him...

  6. I'm sorry guys you're all wrong. As Bessler said,its 25% in for 75% out. In his clues he said "If you can't work out how to raise one pound with four ounces then the wheel will not maintain momentum."

  7. And this is exactly the case I am working ON.
    To rise one pound with four ounces that is not difficult, difficult is, when four ounces fall from one meter hight and one pound flies one meter
    up, or above.Can't say more until the instrument
    is finished.
    Happy New Year to all of you and to John and his family

  8. Thanks guys, and a Happy New Year to all of you.


  9. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody! It's 2011 already here (actually for almost 4 hours as I write this) but for John, in good old England, it's still several hours away. We went to the roof of a skyscraper for some pictures of the great view and the fireworks. And there, seeing the lights of a major city makes you realize -all the more- how much good Bessler's wheel could do in terms of energy generation. Let's keep up the good work guys - and let's work even harder and together on this. All the best to all of you, and good health.

  10. Yeah ... Happy New Year John and all of you guys.
    Well ... at least there are still enough hardcore players like you John, which keep this thing alive.

    I hope that if we will persist, the solution will appear ...and i can only hope it will be in my lifetime. I was soo wrong all the time with my own ideas as many of you ..but am still 100per sure it is possible and one day ... it will become truth.

    Soo dont care if it will happen sooner or later ..just persist to search for it and it will happen.



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