Thursday, 19 July 2012

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune...are best ignored.

I wrote this to remind me of the heat of my angry reaction to the jeers and sneers I suffered in the early days - but on this day, in the cool of early dawn such gibes seem of little consequence and are best ignored.

I used to surf the net looking at comments about Bessler and it was clear then, and nothing has changed, that very few people know any details about him nor about the evidence which has convinced most of us here that he was genuine.  I read many comments to the effect that we were all wasting our time in trying to prove that he was not a con man.  Other remarks said that we had forgotten or never learned the true facts about gravity, force and friction etc.  But in fact I had a good education and since I left school I continued to learn and try to understand everything I could about the subject and yet I still believe Bessler was genuine because my training as an engineer convinces me.  So instead of merely claiming that Bessler was not a con man, I have tried to explain his success within current scientific laws.

I would describe the tenor of some of the comments as scornful laughter at our stupidity.  A common remark was that history is full of con-men like Bessler, attempting to defraud their investors and customers with promises of perpetual motion. At that time I used to be a regular on Jerry Decker's old keelynet forum, ( one contributer called me a snake-oil salesman, a predictably offensive term but one I had to look up at the time, as I hadn't come across it before.  I checked and it's "a derogatory term used to describe quackery, the promotion of fraudulent or unproven medical practices. The expression is also applied metaphorically to any product with questionable and/or unverifiable quality or benefit. By extension, the term snake oil salesman may be applied to someone who sells fraudulent goods, or who is a fraud himself," thanks to wikipedia.  Frankly that is quite an offensive comment given that I am not trying to defraud anyone.

So when this is all over and the proof is out there for every one to see - that is, Bessler wasn't a fake and he really did have a continuously turning wheel - how many of those hardened sceptics will apologise for their contemptuous, disdainful comments which made myself and others who support Bessler's claims, feel despicable and unworthy?  Of course the answer is none, because they could only judge us on what they knew, and little of Bessler's work has filtered through and what has, has had to compete against the mainstream science which teaches us that Bessler's claims violate the laws of science.  But I look forward with tremendous enthusiasm and a certain amount of gloating, to the day when it becomes apparent that they were all wrong, and we are owed an enormous apology and a meek admission that they should not have been so patronising, smug and just plain obnoxious.

So I used to get all fired up by the nastier comments directed towards me but now I just let it pass me by and I rarely get into an argument with anyone because the only way to persuade them to see my point of view is for someone, anyone, to produce a working version of Bessler's wheel - and I think that will happen very soon.




  1. I was captivated by that . I can tell it came from the heart . Bravo . Bravo ....

  2. I'd also like to add that to date none of my ideas , very few of which I have actually published but instead just let them go by the wayside , are nearly as compelling and clever as my latest . But without a build I realize that the idea could be flawed . And on occasion I remember that the odds are slim to none that "anything at all" will work . But I'm like you in that I will keep trying , keep thinking and attempt to absorb the concepts that Bessler implied .

  3. An angel used to make the wheels appear in the garden when i was a child . I remember now there was an angel .

    1. Dude you need to stay away from the freon.

  4. John,..I feel that when this whole saga is over and the turning wheel is there for all to see and they evaluate all that you have gone through,somebody is going to want to make a movie about this.
    When they see the fruits and the notoriety they will be clamouring to get your attention.

  5. Primemignonite19 July 2012 at 10:55

    "The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune...are best ignored."

    Yes, John, they would best be until 'the goods' are in-hand.

    As to what their best, just penalty might be once proven to have been wrong, of course you put it gently, according with what seems your nature: ". . . we are owed an enormous apology and a meek admission . . .".

    Well, on that count, for myself I would be a tad more demanding as I believe physicists to have more than a simple streak of sheer meanness tp them. (God hating seems to take it's toll, after enough of it.)

    I have an archived article here, that appeared in a US monthly in the Eighteen Eighties which covered the big issue, and also explored by it's author was why so many detractors of PM and it's seekers were almost consistently scolding.

    Dircks, in his two giant opi on PM history and whatnot, did constitute a cover-to-cover scold, absolutely.

    I wonder if the fellow had been left mentally or spiritually damaged but some untoward, sad issue he had had with PM, from some time earlier. Perhaps he was fleeced in a con or, tried valiantly himself to find the elusive chimera but failed to, and turned nasty.

    I have no pity for what some of their like may have to endure, once they find that either, 1. energy can be created or, 2. that gravity is indeed an energy form that simply needs the right converter in order to access it. (I'd vote for the second.)

    In a few of my saltier things from earlier days, over on BWF, I alluded to things like "crow feather pies" and "good and bloody noses" etc. for the offensive, nay-saying, finger waving, too cute and too proud, physicist smart set. (The young ones among them, I think will be happy to find that their professors can actually get serious egg on their faces.)

    What will be will be.

    Very nice piece for this thread, John. Thought provoking. Well done.


  6. John,there are, and always be,two camps, believers and doubting Thomas.
    Sincerely speaking I don't give a shit what so called prominent snobs are saying.
    They have valuation problem, all takes time,one day we will have solution to theirs

  7. Time for me to chime in.

    The real problem are the "scientists" out there, each generation of which likes to fancy itself as having all of the answers to the important questions concerning the "ultimate" reality of our universe. While maintaining such an arrogant attitude, they must also simultaneously turn a blind eye to the FACT that mankind's knowledge is, at ANY point in time, only PROVISIONAL and in a generally slow, yet constant state of evolution over the course of time.

    However, to admit that latter quite obvious point, they would also have to admit that, despite their collections of diplomas and professional titles, maybe they do NOT have ALL of the answers! Maybe such things as paranormal phenomena, UFO's, strange creatures that roam the night, and, yes, even PM machines ARE possible and could exist. Many have the attitude that if something was not taught by their professors and was not mentioned in their textbooks, then it simply DOES NOT and CAN NOT exist! Those opinions, unfortunately, eventually filter down to the masses through the media and that, largely, is what is responsible for the abuse you and others have had to endure as you tried to spread the word about Bessler and his inventions.

    I no longer let their uninformed opinions and the ERRONEOUS logic that they are based upon perturb me and I am not looking for or expecting any sort of apology from them or any members of the masses that they managed to BRAINWASH into denying even the remote possibility that Bessler was an honest person with a GENUINE device. Just finding THE actual design he used and elucidating it so that others can readily duplicate it will be more than enough satisfaction (maybe I should say "revenge"!) for me.

    When Bessler's wheels are resurrected again (I also agree that this will happen SOON!), the older skeptics will generally fall silent and, perhaps, feel some remorse that they were so hasty to dismiss their possibility. The younger physicists will immediately embrace the design once it is proven NOT to be a hoax and slowly begin to rationalize its operation within the framework of our presently accepted laws of physics. They will be successful and that verification will, eventually, filter down to the masses.

    Perhaps by the year 2020 if someone posts on the internet then that he thinks Bessler was a liar and his wheels a fraud, then it will be THAT person who will be the one labeled as a "nut case" by his fellow posters who will ALL promply start clicking their "Ignore" buttons for him! LOL!

  8. TG, you have to see this spring experiment. Gets interesting at 2:20 in. Maybe it will give you some ideas.

    1. Thanks, I'll check it out when I get a chance.

  9. Well guys,this next week is crunch time for me.I am having the last two critical parts made for my wheel which should be ready for instalation by monday.
    If my wheel does not turn after this,then it will be back to the drawingboard for me when I think of a whole new approach.

    1. In the extremely unlikely event that your latest design fails to achieve PM, then methinks that YOU will be ready to finally move onto the "right track"! Our numbers will, I believe, only continue to grow in the coming months.

  10. If someone could mechanically imitate the action of muscle contraction and use it to turn a wheel then hardly anyone would have a problem with accepting it's possibility , operation and existence . For some reason though dead things must not imitate living things . It's kind of silly really when you get down to the very essence of it .

    1. There is something called the "Rubberband Motor" that sort of does what you suggest. One side is heated (I think by a heat lamp or even sunlight) and that causes the rubberbands there to lose elasicity and stretch and spring loaded weights to then shift in toward their carrier wheel's axle. That then maintains the CoM of the weights on the other side of the axle and produces rotation. This wheel rotates slowly because its rubberbands only heat up and cool off slowly. It's not really a PM wheel, just an OB heat engine type wheel.

  11. Are you thinking that muscular action may be what Bessler saw in nature?

    1. No...but if it were true ( that Bessler found a way to imitate muscular contraction/relaxation mechanically instead of chemically ) then scientists wouldn't have a problem accepting and understanding it . It just seems silly to me that various attempts @ OB wheels are still to this day what people use to support the laws that forbid P.M. . Bessler said that he found something better than a turnspit to power his wheel and that it didn't require winding .
      There are many ways to turn something , O.B. being one of them but not superior to what I am thinking . O.B. is hard if not impossible to maintain in that the weights that have just been used to cause the rotation must now be lifted and furthermore by weights that need to be lifted themselves . That is what Bessler meant when he said "this principle is flat " .

    2. "this principle is flat"

      Can you tell me where I can find this statement. I would like to read more to see the context in which it was stated. I searched JB's books but didn't find a match for this exact phrase.

    3. You can find it if you use an online translator and translate the riddle of the one and four pounds .

    4. Nemlich, ein Kunstwerk muß sich treiben
      Von vielen sondern Stücken Blei;
      Der sind nun immer zwei und zwei;
      Nimmt ein Ding äußerlich die Stelle,
      So Fährt das andre an die Welle;
      Dies ist bald hier, und jenes dort:
      Und also wechselt’s fort und fort. x
      (Und die es Principium ist’s eben,
      Darum mir Wagner Schuld gegeben,
      Und ganz unwahr auf mich gebracht,
      Ich hätt’s niemanden weisgemacht).
      Zur Zeit mag noch ein jedes raten,
      Durch was für wunderbare Thaten
      Dies’ Schwere nach dem Centro kehrt,
      Und jene in die höhe fährt. x

      Namely, a work of art must push themselves
      But also many pieces of lead;
      The are now two and two;
      If a thing outside the place,
      Sun Ejects the other to the shaft;
      This is now here, and that there:
      And so's changes on and on. x
      (And it's Principle is flat,
      So I blame Wagner given,
      And quite untrue placed on me,
      I would have made ​​anyone's looking).
      There currently may not advise any one,
      By what wonderful deeds
      This' heaviness according to the Centroreturns,
      And that goes to the height. x

    5. JC's translator translated "Und die es Principium ist’s eben..." as "And the principle is, in fact,..." and that seems acceptable to me especially when phrases like "so ist es eben" are translated as "that's the way it is".

      You also wrote:

      "O.B. is hard if not impossible to maintain in that the weights that have just been used to cause the rotation must now be lifted and furthermore by weights that need to be lifted themselves . That is what Bessler meant when he said "this principle is flat"."

      During ANY 45 degrees of drum rotation, only 2 of the 8 weights are being lifted on the drum's ascending side and that action is performed by 4 weights that are dropping with respect to their rim stops and several contracting springs while 2 weights are inactive and remain resting on their rim stops. During every complete drum rotation, ALL 8 weights get a chance to both be lifted AND to help in lifting other weights having their turn being lifted.

    6. So do it already .

    7. flach

      adjective flat; eben: also level, even, plane; nicht tief, figuratively oberflächlich: shallow

    8. My personal impression : useless .

    9. Chris wrote:

      "So do it already"

      Oh, I AM "doing it" and getting a bit closer by the week. But, the progress is painfully slow. The final principle one must uncovered, the "Secret Principle", is the hardest of all to find and the one that Bessler "hid" with the maximum number of false or "decoy" clues surrounding it.

      Each suspected clue (and there are, literally, DOZENS of them in the two DT portraits alone!) must be interpreted in reference to an ACTUAL build or model that one is currently ACTIVELY working with. Then a POSSIBLE interpretation of the clue is used to create a design component which must then be carefully modeled to see if it helps or hinders in keeping the CoM of the drum's weights were it is "supposed" to be on the drum's descending side during drum rotation.

      If a suspected clue interpretation leads nowhere (that happens about 9 out of 10 times!) that interpretation can be discarded and it's then time to move on to analyzing other interpretations of the same clue or of other similar looking clues near that clue. Only after ALL possible interpretations have been made AND tested to show that they do not work can one, with reasonable certainty, declare a particular clue as being a false or decoy clue.

      Right now, about 25% of my time is spent analyzing potential interpretations of clues while about 75% is spent actually testing those interpretations with models. Each small positive step I move along the "right track" toward final success is a cause, IMO, for celebration considering the enormous difficulty in making ANY progress at all! I adhere to this "protocol" because, so far, it has carried me about 98% of the way down the "right track"...but, the "price" for this progress has been high in terms of both time and effort.

      I do not disagree with your dictionary definitions of the word "eben". The problem with most languages, however, is that words are often used "idiomatically". That is, they can have various UNDERSTOOD meanings, depending on their context and what other words are used with them, which are DIFFERENT from the way that they are literally defined, as INDIVIDUAL words, in a dictionary.

      In cases such as this, one can not always (in fact, rarely!) depend upon a "quick and dirty" online translator to accurately translate a sentence containing those words. One really needs to have a human being doing the translation and it must be a human being who either fluently speaks the language or has studied its various idioms in detail. I think you can trust JC's translator's version as being the most accurate in this case.

    10. OF COURSE! All of the information we have been given is "spot on"...that's why we all have revolving wheels .

    11. Nobody calls you on all of the B.S. you peddle and the reason is because your paragraphs will only get LARGER and more full of capital letters and percentages .

    12. @ Chris

      To be sure, the translations that JC obtained are not the best of all possible ones. For that to be the case, they would have to have been written by someone who ALREADY had a WORKING Bessler wheel in front of him so that he would KNOW exactly what Bessler meant by any particular word or phrase.

      Perhaps it is you who is correct and Bessler really meant to say that the principle attributed to him by Waqner was, metaphorically speaking, "flat" which you interpret as meaning "useless". The translator only translated it as HE understood it in the context of the sentence. I consider his version to be a "reasonable" one. Regardless, however, of how it is translated, I don't think that particular line is really all that important! If you do, then please elaborate why.

      Anyway, sorry you think I'm "peddling BS", but I assure you that I most definitely am NOT. What I promote is the result of, literally, THOUSANDS of hours of meticuous analysis. ONLY such a commitment will allow the "serious" Bessler mobilist to penetrate the dense fog that surrounds this subject and finally get to the heart of the matter so that he can get some REAL results. As I've told you before, the "right track" approach is NOT for everyone. Only a few mobilists out of hundreds will have what it takes to switch over to that track and, most importantly, to STAY there until they complete the journey. Few people nowadays have that kind of devotion to anything!

    13. I've called him on it many times.
      His paragraphs can'y get any larger or use more capitals.

    14. @ Doug

      Sorry you have "issues" with my comment lengths and use of upper case letters. What can I say? Active and creative minds generally need more words to fully express themselves. I only use the caps to emphasize "key" words to which I want the reader to pay closer attention. I try to use them as sparingly as possible so that people will not get the false impression that I am shouting at them.

    15. I've called you on your bs Chris mentioned many times.
      It hasn't made your posts longer, they've always been about twice the word limit.
      You've posted your right track approach so many times it's like white noise, you kind of don't hear it after a while.

    16. @ TG
      To emphasize key words, use asterisks. Using all caps *is* shouting, whether you agree with the socially accepted norm or not.

      "Active and creative minds generally need more words to fully express themselves."
      Brevity gets your point across much better than verbosity. Please remember that there are other people's posts to read besides yours. You might try editing out anything that you've already said many times, before hitting the Publish button. When people get to content in a post that has been repeated ad nauseam, we tend to stop paying close attention.

      - Mark [BW Forum]

    17. @ Mark

      Thanks for the advice, but I would have a *real* hard, I mean a REAL hard time using asterisks for emphasis. Been using caps all of my life and it's too late for me to change now.

      If I were to actually make my remarks brief enough to make SOME people happy, then I would have to leave out about 90% of what I was trying to say. In that case, I would begin to wonder if I should even comment at all! I do ALREADY edit my comments before publishing them because I try not to repeat anything within a particular comment or confuse a reader and thereby waste his and my time. Most of the time I'm only responding to something someone ELSE posted with the ideas that HIS post raised in my mind. Amazing how many times I ask for details from someone else and NEVER get them.

      Too much brevity can kill a conversation and, eventually, the relevance of a blog or forum. Contrary to what some may think, readers prefer QUALITY in the material they read in the form of DETAILS. The internet, unfortunately, if choked with irrelevant, hard drive space wasting DRIBBLE that really only wastes a person's time reading. I always try to make my comments have some relevance for the reader. If they don't make the wheels in his MIND start to turn, then, truly, I HAVE wasted my and his time.

      Yes, there ARE other comments aside from mine and, if someone has "issues" with my particular style of commenting, then he should simply pass over my comments. I won't be offended because, being a realist, I know that I will never please ALL of the people ALL of the time. If I can just please SOME of the people SOME of the time that's sufficient for me. Of course, if MOST of the people are offended by my style MOST of time then I will be happy to stop commenting altogether. I give JC sole discretion in determining this. If HE wants me to withdraw from actively commenting on HIS blog, he need only say so and I will be gone the instant that I read his decision here.

      @ Doug

      My average comment is well within the comment word limit and I only OCCASIONALLY exceed it and then NOT by double, but more like, maybe, 10%. Making a two-part comment requires EXTRA time and effort and I only reserve such comments for the times when I have something to say that I think is VERY important. Unlike some here, I do not just fill up page space with material I've copied and pasted from other sources! My material is always original and represents my current and best thoughts on a subject.

      I do periodically summarize the details I've so far released about the "right track" approach to solving Bessler's wheel mystery for the benefit of any RECENT incoming lurkers so that they will have a general idea of what is being discussed. So far, I've only released about 25% of the details of the "right track" approach and I will eventually release more as I am asked for more details about this approach. In this way, it will be the readership who will determine, over time, how much information is released. As I've previously stated, eventually, I intend on releasing ALL of the details I have, but that will only happen AFTER I am certain that I have made it 100% to the end of that track AND have a GLITCH FREE WORKING sim that shows, as much as humanly possible using the available clues, EXACTLY HOW Bessler's internal wheel mechanics worked. IF that happens, then it will be WELL worth the wait!

    18. @ Mark

      On second thought, although I would find it extremely difficult to use asterisks for emphasis, I do agree that using any method, even asterisks, can diminish its effectiveness over time. I will try to make an effort to reduce the number of caps I use in my future comments so that will not happen. Why try to emphasize key words with a method that is losing its "zing"?

  12. I'm thinking about grafting frog legs onto my weights. If that fails, I will at least have a nice lunch.

  13. To be, or not to be, that is the question:
    Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
    The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune,
    Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,
    And by opposing end them: to die, to sleep
    No more; and by a sleep, to say we end
    The heart-ache, and the thousand Natural shocks
    That Flesh is heir to? 'Tis a consummation
    Devoutly to be wished. To die to sleep,
    To sleep, perchance to Dream; Ay, there's the rub,
    For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come,
    When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
    Must give us pause. There's the respect
    That makes Calamity of so long life:
    For who would bear the Whips and Scorns of time,
    The Oppressor's wrong, the proud man's Contumely,
    The pangs of despised Love, the Law’s delay,
    The insolence of Office, and the Spurns
    That patient merit of the unworthy takes,
    When he himself might his Quietus make
    With a bare Bodkin? Who would Fardels bear,
    To grunt and sweat under a weary life,
    But that the dread of something after death,
    The undiscovered Country, from whose bourn
    No Traveller returns, Puzzles the will,
    And makes us rather bear those ills we have,
    Than fly to others that we know not of.
    Thus Conscience does make Cowards of us all,
    And thus the Native hue of Resolution
    Is sicklied o'er, with the pale cast of Thought,
    And enterprises of great pitch and moment,
    With this regard their Currents turn awry,
    And lose the name of Action. Soft you now,
    The fair Ophelia? Nymph, in thy Orisons
    Be all my sins remembered.

    Polonius thinks Hamlet's 'madness'(suicidal thoughts) springs from neglected love. Passive or active, or throw in the towel? Poor Hamlet.

    1. Hamlet was only faking that he was nuts so that he would be able to more easily kill his unsuspecting uncle who had killed his (Hamlet's) father so he could marry his (Hamlet's) mother. Unfortunately, part of that act required Hamlet to reject the love of the nubile Ophelia who then, while suicidally depressed, drowned herself in a small pond. Being the cause of something like that, Hamlet was, of course, doomed to die. The important thing to remember about Shakespeare's tragedies is that ALL of the main characters will be dead by the end of the play!

      Lots of important phrases in that passage. IIRC, something like 10% of the idiomatic phrases in the English language are derived from Shakespeare's plays.

  14. Something tells me you guys are boardering on desperation.

    1. Most mobilists spend large chunks of their lives in a state of desperation.

      Desperate to FINALLY obtain a self-moving device in order to justify all of those, often, THOUSANDS of hours of searching, planning, building, dreaming, and emotionally recovering from their latest failures. This chronic desperation is only occasionally relieved by the feeling of euphoria that accompanies a "soon" to be tested design that seems to be "promising" and all of the pleasant daydreaming attached to it. Many mobilists actually unconsciously DELAY that next build or test in order to prolong this euphoria phase as long as possible. Why hasten a "crash" before you have milked out as much pleasure from your "high" as possible?

      It's very similar to that feeling one gets when, having just torn up and discarded several losing lottery tickets in yesterday's drawing, he runs out and immediately purchases twice as many tickets to replace them for the NEXT lottery drawing. Until that next drawing there is a brief time of being able to legitimately believe that all of his money problems will soon be over and he can then begin living the "good life". The "permission" to daydream is REALLY what he is purchasing when he buys those next set of tickets. So, too, the active mobilist is always just one build away from imagined riches, fame, and that warm and fuzzy feeling of having "saved" humanity from the energy starved "Dark Ages" that will surely soon engulf our world. His sweat and effort are the price he must pay for the "permission" to enjoy his form of daydreaming.

      I guess this is all part of the "job" of being a mobilist and there is no way around it except, maybe, to just "retire" from ACTIVE research / building / modeling to become an "arm chair" philosopher or, perish the thought, a "no tracker" who finally lets himself believe that the skeptics were right all along and that the attainment of PM IS physically impossible.

      Without people sharing the actual details of their designs, even if they failed, there is always the danger that a blog or forum can just become a place for exchanging philosophies (also known as "opinions"). I guess, even in that capacity, such sites can still serve to give the internet subscriber a place to surf to so that he can "socialize" a bit and feel that he is getting his money's worth on that monthly fee his service provider charges him!

      But, be of "good cheer" everyone. Sooner or later (hopefully, before THIS Christmas!) JC will be unveiling his "pentagrammatic wheel" along with the interpretations of the clues that led him to find it. There will be much to discuss AND model and dream about. While the 300th anniversary of JEEB's first public expo at Gera passed with only a whimper despite the anxiety created by that count down timer Doug suggested, I'm expecting the unveiling of JC's LAST build design to be something a bit more dramatic.

    2. I must say TG.,you're very insiteful,but then youre probably a veteran.
      I mentioned that it was crunch time for me.On the other hand it is also crunch time for all the sceptics and critics that adhere to scientific convention.

    3. Thanks TD.

      Yes, there's nothing like the emotional "roller coaster ride" of mobilism to very quickly turn one into a rather "profound" philosopher or "veteran". I suspect that most of the ACTIVE mobilists here can also be so described.

      That's probably one of the major benefits of being a mobilist. Even if you don't succeed in achieving PM, at least you will wind up being a more "interesting" person to have around. LOL!

  15. There was a book at furstenberg with all the inventions recorded in it . There was cause i (censored) .

  16. I assure you TG.,I am a worthy contender who is just as likely to succeed with my wheel.(This is meant as an encouragement to all).
    It has all the characteristic attributes and sounds,including two way capability,spoken of by Bessler.
    I am just subject to the delivery time of the manufacturer.

    1. I wish you the best of luck with your latest build. IF you have interpreted ALL of the "relevant" Bessler clues correctly, then it MUST work. IF you have not, then you will be quickly aware of that fact.

      You are awaiting a delivery from a manufacturer? Is it just parts or have you had an outside machine shop do some serious fabrication for you? Most mobilists avoid that last option due to the costs involved. If you are having something machined, then that usually means the design requires some carefully shaped METAL parts inside of it.

      I shall look eagerly forward your announcement of the test results of your build and to the revelation of its design (IF you decide to release it, of course)...whether or not it is a "runner". If it's not too complicated, then maybe I'll even take a crack at modeling it and let you know what that indicates.

    2. What I am waiting for are two parts critical to the success of the wheel.Company is a bit snowed under so I'm not sure when they are going to materialise.
      Until then I face an agonising wait.

    3. "Until then I face an agonising wait."

      Yes, the human mind can usually conceive designs at a far faster pace than they can be physically executed. That is why I'm glad I finally made the not-to-difficult transition to using simulation software. It allows me to ALMOST "build" designs and modify them at the same rate I can conceive them.

      Hmmm...a company that is "snowed under". Either you are referring to a company down in South America which is experiencing that hemisphere's winter at the moment and is, literally, buried in frozen water crystals (aka "snow"). Or, you are just saying that the company is overloaded with orders. The latter is, of course, a generally good sign. It indicates they have a lot of business due to low pricing. But, still, long waits can be irritating.

      Speaking of which, how's your wheel doing, JC?

    4. Yes TG,..John is very quiet.I hope it's is because he is working frantically on his wheel and being distracted by the impending Olympic games.
      As for me,I'm waydown in sunny Durban South Africa.
      The company I refferred to is overloaded with orders which shows they do a good job.
      This is my most daring yes simple configuration and I can't wait.
      I will be devastated if this wheel does not finally turn.

    5. @ TD

      JC is probably trying every modification he can think of to get his latest wheel running or at least looking like it might run so that he will be able to present us with something that is impressive. Actually, while I certainly hope he's found a "runner" whether its Bessler's or not, I'm actually MORE interested in his "subjective" interpretations of the various clues used in its construction, particularly ANY clues found in the DT portraits. The "right track" approach to solving the Bessler mystery makes extensive use of those clues, but one has to have their VERY difficult to obtain PROPER interpretations in order to make progress moving along that track.

      So, you're in South Africa. That's a very beautiful country. I'm on the eastern coast of the USA and we're been experiencing an El Nino powered heat wave that, so far, has created drought conditions in about 60% of the continental United States! Just what we need with all of the other problems were having...crop failures that will dramatically raise the cost of food in the NEAR future while, due to budgetary problems, food subsidies to the disabled, poor, and unemployed are being CUT!

      You wrote: "I will be devastated if this wheel does not finally turn."

      Sooner or later (as later as one's conscience will allow him to make it! LOL!) the awesome "MOMENT OF TRUTH" will come: that SINGLE and definitive test that will determine if all of one's hard work has finally resulted in SUCCESS! How "sweet" such a moment must be for those who find success at that time considering that only TWO mobilists (to my knowledge) throughout ALL of recorded history have ever savored it. How incredible it will feel to a member of that tiny and VERY elite group. There have been hundreds of Popes, scores of Noble Prize winners, and dozens of US Presidents. But there have, so far, only been TWO SUCCESSFUL mobilists! Yes, they are a VERY rare commodity, indeed.

      Anyway, in the unlikely event that your latest wheel proves to be just another dead-end "wrong track" design, there's no need to fret. There is plenty of room on the "right track" for those who are properly "motivated" to make the change.

      Decades of repeated failures have a way of preparing one for the "right track" approach. I know it did with me.

    6. It is nice to know where you are speaking from and more about the person.
      I don't know of a second successful mobilist,who is he?
      I get impatient because I'm not that young so I don't know how much time I have left.
      I want to see this wheel move before time runs out.

    7. That second successful mobilist would have been Asa Jackson, an American farmer who became obsessed with PM and produced a wheel, which like Bessler's, was publicly demonstrated and reported on in local newspapers. There is little doubt that he had a WORKING wheel and he did not hide its internal mechanism during demonstrations which virtually eliminates the possibility of a hoax.

      Although he died of natural causes, IIRC it was in 1868, the remarkable thing is that, unlike in the case of Bessler, we STILL have Jackson's wheel which is now located in a museum near Knoxville, Tennessee. A CD is available that contains hundreds of photos of the glass case enclosed wheel, but, unfortunately, being a major attraction at the museum, visitors are not allowed to touch the wheel itself. Thus, reverse engineering it would be a challenge, especially since there may be parts missing from it.

      How wonderful it would be if we had hundreds of photographs of the crushed remains of the Merseburg or Weissenstein wheels to work with while reverse engineering them! Right now, I am confident that the closest to that are the .dxf files I have of my "right track" models for these wheels.

      I often wish that we had time travel so that I could personally transport back to 1712 Gera, Germany and be amongst the members of the public allowed to view the original wheel demonstrations. It would also be really nice if I could actually transport myself into the rooms containing the Gera or Draschwitz wheels and, while Bessler was snoring away, use a flashlight and take a nice LONG look through the inspection holes in the wood veneer sides of those one-directional wheels. Even though this can not be done in reality, at least it can be done in our imaginations.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. We on the other hand, TG, have experienced our wettest Jnne and July on record! You need our rain and we could do with some sunshine.

    Speaking of which I had this strange notion that the Eyjafjallajökull volcano on Iceland which erupted in April 2010 and created an enormous ash cloud, might have been responsible for the Atlantic jet-stream being further south than usual. It is said that the unusual position of the jet-stream is responsible for the strange weather we have all been enduring. I have tried to find any support for this view but no luck so far and yet unusual weather patterns have been blamed on volcanic eruptions in the past, why not this time?

    Mind you, the eruption was declared officially over in October 2010, when snow on the glacier didn't melt!

    Sorry I have not commented much lately, but I do enjoy reading yours, so don't stop! I'll update you properly next week.


    1. It is well known that the discharges of ash and gases from volcanoes can change weather, usually causing atmospheric cooling to take place by increasing our atmosphere's "albedo" or the amount of incoming solar radiation that is reflected back into space by the extra atmospheric contaminants.

      But, I remember seeing a science show recently that went into our just passed hottest winter ever which said that its cause has something to do with the heating of the Pacific Ocean during the previous summer which then produced what's called an "El Nino" (a reference to the Christ child) effect. This effect was then coupled with another phenomenon known as the the "Polar Oscillation" which has to do with a cyclic expansion and contraction of a bubble of high pressure over the Artic Ocean which plays a role in making the Jet Stream "buckle" either northward or southward. The Jet Stream, when buckled northward, allows the warm air from El Nino to blanket the North America continent in hot, dry air. That is what is causing our current drought and, most likely, after that blanket of hot air travels eastward to you Brits and picks up more moisture from the also warm North Atlantic Ocean, it eventually cools and then dumps megatons of rain on you guys!

      Yes, I agree, it would be great if we had a giant funnel and pipe between Britain and the USA so that we could get back some of that rain water! LOL!

    2. Anybody who can pronounce "Eyjafjallajökull" three times CLEARLY while inebriated should get a GOLD medal! LOL!

  19. To those who say that Bessler was a fraud, the answer is simple: why has nobody in the entire world ever produced a fraudulent wheel which can do what Bessler's wheel did? Why has nobody managed, even with modern technology, to produce a wheel that runs for over a month, or that gains speed when given a slight push, etc.?

    If Bessler's wheel was a fraud, then surely somebody could replicate a fraudulent wheel like that, yet nobody has ever done it, and Bessler didn't have electricity, batteries, motors, etc. to play with.

    1. There is a simple way that one could make a fradulent Bessler's wheel using modern technology that would be virtually undetectable.

      One could simply construct any of a number of "non-runner" OB designs and then rig it up with cleverly hidden electromagnets that would provide a bit of extra force to various iron parts in the weighted levers at just the right moment in order to "assist" them in rising so that they could overcome the wheel's "sticking" points and thereby keep the CoM of the weights always on the wheel's descending side for continuous rotation with a low power output.

      The electrical current for the electromagnets would be fed into the wheel through the metal axle pivots and their brass bearing plates from wiring hidden in the wooden vertical supports. That wiring would be connected to a bank of batteries that was recharged during the day by solar panels on the roof of the building housing the wheel. Any nearby vertical supports used when the wheel was translocated to "prove" it was genuine would also have bearing plates that were wired up.

      But, as you say, Bessler did not have such things as electromagnets, wiring, batteries, or solar panels available to him. He would have had to rely on far cruder mechanical means to perpetrate a hoax (such as the "hanging" mainspring powered clockwork mechanism used in Wagner's wheels). I think if Bessler had been hoaxing, it would have been VERY quickly detected once a wheel was examined INTERNALLY after a sale had been made.

  20. Justsomeone said: good point Anon. And I would like to add, who tries to sell a wheel that once opened up would be exposed as a fraud? He certainly would have lost his head.

    1. I also find it absolutely inconceivable that Bessler would have demanded such a high price for a hoax that would have soon been discovered after a sale. IF that had happened, he would have had to return the money and, at the very least, spent A LOT of time in very unsanitary place! If he actually managed to escape with some rich lord's fortune, it would only have been a matter of time before he was hunted down like a dog and KILLED (and some of the methods of execution they had back there in the early 18th century made decapitation seem MERCIFUL!). With a wife and children dependent on him, he would never have risked that.

      Face it all you "no track" skeptics out there lurking around the borders of PMland...Bessler had GENUINE OB PM gravity wheels! It is LUDICROUS to believe ANYTHING else!

  21. @ John

    "Sorry I have not commented much lately, but I do enjoy reading yours, so don't stop!"
    Glad to hear it, I was beginning to wonder. I think that some of us were feeling a little ignored.

    "I'll update you properly next week."
    Looking forward to it.

    - Mark [BW Forum]

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The True Story of Bessler’s Perpetual Motion Machine - Update

At the end of March we sold our house and moved in with my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter, expecting to be there for no more than tw...