Sunday, 2 June 2013

Google login now required - sorry anons

Sorry guys, but the comment section has turned into a sordid mess of foul language, tantrums, vicious retorts and tit-for-tat recriminations, which has nothing to do with Bessler or the blog.  Against my wishes,  I must require a log in to at least see who is commenting.  Why people resort to moronic name-calling I don't know; why they consistently refer to slang names for actions and parts of the human reproduction system I don't know either.

It seems to me that the people who are interested in solving Bessler's wheel are intelligent, reasonable and capable, so it cannot be they who persist in demonstrating their inadequacy by resorting to schoolboy taunts more suited to the children's playground than to intellectual persuits such as we enjoy.

The use of swear words is usually done for gratuitous effect and is often associated with stress in an individual, but it also demonstrates a lack of imagination and imagination is one of the chief requirements in Bessler research - and a lack of it is not something you could ever accuse Bessler of..  In his words, "Oh - be gone!, you evil hornets, you prattlers swollen with poison, you envious wretches who have so vilely debased me! Only your lap-dogs will be enticed by your poisonous crumbs!"



  1. Good on you, John. About time.

    How are things going on you kicking wheel?
    Any progress?
    Are you about about ready to show some pictures/diagrams?

  2. Trevor, you made a mistake, so what?
    A man who never made a mistake never made anything.
    30 turns of your wheel is 30 more of any wheel that I never made!
    Chris, you do prattle on, so what?
    I read a line or so, if it's not to my liking, I move to the next one.
    Ealadha, strange, yes, but no worse than me!
    I've always had a sensible reply.
    So, there you go, where's the real harm in any of it?
    Where's the reason for the cursing?
    Defend yourself, yes, get uptight, yes.
    Reason your argument, in my book, as soon as you curse, you lose.
    Anyway that's my little say, for what it's worth.

    1. Stevo,What mistake did I make?
      The only mistake was made by those who cursed and criticised me for my confidence in what I had discovered.
      I still stand by the proclamation that I made on as you will see in the near future.
      I am still hoping John or even you are on the same page, maybe a simultaneous discovery, which often happens!

    2. Sorry Trevor, poor choice of words, now that is my mistake!

  3. The more I persist with my excitement ( you can bet ) the more interesting and previously un-imagined my design . I am not actually incapable of a civil exchange of words .

  4. Many thanks John,..It's not quantity but quality.
    I'm still very much in the team race.

  5. I see one of the first posters is the irritant that caused a lot of the recent issues.

  6. Good point John. I am still working on it.....and it is very painful.

  7. I am working on further inventions .

    1. Even though I have no materials to build anything, just like back in the old days.

    2. I will not be proving anything to anyone as I do not wish to be famous and I do not care about money, I prefer to be poor.

    3. You have nothing to prove.


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