Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Taking a break is good for a relationship!

Being away from the workshop and unable to do any building has been quite therapeutic.  

I have always maintained that the only route to success in the matter, requires constant wheel building or at least mechanism construction, but the opportunity to ponder upon the subject without access to building materials forced me to go over in my mind the path I had taken to this point; the moments of inspiration; the assumptions and false assumptions I had made ...and the discovery of two principles that I believe have to be taken into account in the design of the machine.

So for me, maybe only this time, I think that the time away from the physical act of designing and building, clarified things to the point that I could not wait to get back to work on the model I'd been working on previously, because things have become clearer to me.  However the truth of this subjective feeling will be tested in the next few weeks, but as I said before I left, 'confidence is high'.

There are many among us who enjoy these moments of supreme confidence that we have solved this enduring puzzle, only to have the rug whipped out from under us, and yet for me, despite these moments, I have never been persuaded to give up but rather, encouraged to tackle the proble with renewed energy. This sounds a bit like religious talk, and in truth I suppose it is a kind of belief system; a matter of faith that we, or at least one us, will discover the truth and make all those who derided us in the past for our crazy talk, eat humble pie!




  1. Yes John we all agree and hope it will not be long now.

  2. Kiiking ...


    1. Full size pic. Hows that for some swinging weights ...


    2. Thank you, Zoelra, excellent find!


  3. I had to go back a few months to get the exact spelling for this word: 'kiiking'

    I grew up in the USA and learned to read
    in the 1st grade about 1955. The educational
    goal was simple: make everyone a speed reader.
    So the strategy was, year by year practice
    reading faster while still getting the gist
    of the meaning of what you were looking at
    by applying simple tricks and rules of thumb.

    One of those tricks is, if you encounter a word
    you are unfamiliar with, don't stop (for too long),
    just guess what it means and substitute a
    familiar word that might mean about the same thing.

    Now being where I am (Phoenix) we see a lot of
    Spanish words and this trick works only some of
    the time. It seems likely you Europeans are
    probably much more comfortable handing a zoo
    of foreign words in your prose.

    Anyway, 'kiiking' causes my mind to awkwardly
    substitute 'kicking' where I envision a little
    girl on a playground swing, adjusting her
    center of gravity by 'kicking' her legs out
    at the appropriate moment. Close. Not perfect.
    But works for me. No disrespect intended.

    John, if you invent a new technology,
    you can name it anything you want.

    However, might I suggest that you adopt the
    traditional techno babble approach and
    create an acronym such as they did for
    RADAR and LASER. You can pack a lot of
    meaning into a short 'word' and it is
    more gracefully handled by a reading brain
    in a way somewhat like expanding a macro.

    Just a thought.

    1. More info on the topic ...


    2. Thank you Bill, excellent idea. I had given it some thought several years ago but without knowledge of exactly how it might work, I did not come to any conclusion. It seems appropriate to reconsider any possibilities and try to involve my current thinking on how Bessler's wheel worked.

      Do you know, Zoelra, I must also thank you for directing me to my website on the subject, I have not revisited it for some time and it is good to reread my thoughts on the subject.

      I may have some idea for a future blog, so thank you again both of you.


  4. John,
    If I may : We can guess that Bessler used other dedicated weights to put his driving weights into position . We could also assume that he used one heavier weight to control two lighter weights or vice versa ... my opinion being in accord with the former . Now , since the heavier weight needs to conserve and convey force without being lifted per se then where shall we position it ? If two weights duration can be extended by a third then briefly , in short order , in a revolving machine does no falling become rising and vice versa ? Food for thought .

  5. John, you were an hour away from seeing the buzzsaw wheel in person yet you choose not to set up a visit? What kind of PM enthusiast are you? ;)

    Sorry about all the rain. I hope you enjoyed your visit anyway.

    Did you get to see Dave?

  6. I didn't know you were in Flodida, but any way I was with my family and my wife had organised an itinery which we all adhered to - and no one messes with that! I am fully aware of the buzzsaw wheel but I cannot help it if I'm totally sceptical about it. I know some are convinced that it has merit but my own theory about the wheel has no room for the apparent design of the buzzsaw wheel and I long ago discounted that it ever worked. However I respect your's and other's opinions of it and I would be the first to apologise and recognise if anyone can make it work.

    Sorry I missed the opportunity to meet you - and there did not seem to be much rain while I was there, but it sure was hot!!


    1. We know this …

      o A gravity wheel was recovered from a farm owned by a descendant of Bessler.

      o Testimony/accounts given to Doc, Preston Stroud, and Ralph Lortie from family, friends, and workers associated with the farm owner regarding details and running of the wheel.

      o Doc’s account of him receiving a copy of MT from someone at the farm and turning it over to one of the Keno brothers.

      Is this evidence any less credible than the poetic encrypted writings of Bessler?

      The buzzsaw is tangible. It was the property of a descendant of Bessler and eyewitness accounts give credence to the identity and operation of the wheel. Yes key parts are missing (the spring mechanism attached to the wheel and weights, the pendulum/hammer that hung from the wheel, the jack shaft and sprockets with correct gear ratio, the supporting stand, and who knows what else), but if we can believe the evidence then we have more direct clues here than in any document provided by Bessler. The fact that the PM principle has not been discovered should not discourage us from seeking the truth.

      Just my 2 cents worth anyway …

    2. Another way of looking at it is this ...

      We have a descendant of Bessler in America. A copy of MT and a wheel were recovered from his property. If we believe Bessler's statement that a single principle (the PM principle) is responsible for perpetual motion, then how could his descendant build a working wheel on any other principle.

      There are some conflicting reports regarding the running of the cast iron version, but keep in mind that eye witness accounts also say there were smaller wooden versions running in the house and a larger prototype in the barn that the cast iron version was supposedly based on.

    3. Bessler said his wheels worked on different principles (the structural design) but never once did he say that his wheels were driven by different PM principles.

      So the buzzsaw is different than anything shown in MT, at least the pages of MT Bessler wanted us to see.

    4. I have the information on Bessler's daughters, son-in-laws and his grandchildren and there is no established connection with the Keno family. Also the leather-bound book may or may not have been a copy of MT, we simply don't know. My personal opinion, which I discussed with Doc, is that the leather-bound book had no connection with Bessler and neother do the Keno family, but I am awaiting firther information on Bessler's descendants.


    5. Is the farm owner being a descendant of Bessler in doubt?

    6. Yes, I would say there is no written evidence, but that doesn't mean he isn't a descendent.


    7. I'm going to go back and re-read all the posts by Doc and Ralph Lortie on BW. It's been more than a year since reading but from what I remember, they seemed to have all the names in place. This certainly would be a game changer.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. John, have you discussed this with Ralph?

      On Nov 22, 2011 he posted the following.


      It would seem to indicate he has confirmed the Keno name (maybe not the Keno brothers connection) and the fact that the wheel taken from the farm was believed to be a gravity wheel by family members.

      Making the Bessler Keno connection is key.

    10. Sorry, after reading the information again, Ralph gives you credit for assisting the the information so obviously you both worked together on this.

      So I guess we are left with 2 facts.

      1) There was a German farm owner named Keno.
      2) A wheel (we now refer to as the buzzsaw gravity wheel) was recovered from
      the farm, and the family believes it to be a PM or gravity wheel.

      Can we say anymore?

    11. 1) That seems to be true

      2) That seems to be true too, but we only have their belief that it is true. In a way it's no different to anyone knowing someone who believes that they have a working wheel.

      But I will reconsider if anyone can offer more evidence than we have present, until then all we have a hearsay.


    12. For the true Buzzsaw believers ...


  7. Hearsay? Is that how you view eyewitness accounts of the Bessler wheel?

    1. Hi jso, I was referring to genealogy in this case. I know from personal experience how easy it is to assume that someone with the same name and date of birth and living in the same town, is the person you seek, and it takes a lot of time and effort to prove conclusively that the one you want is the one you think you have.

      You may recall that the first examination was carried out under the auspices of the 'Her Grace Countess-Widow and His Grace Count XXII,of the noble family of Reusse'. His grace bore the very common name of Heinrich, not so common is that every son was named Heinrich.

      The Princely family of Reuß (Reuss) was started by Erkenbert, the Vogt of Weida who saved the life of the Holy Roman Emperor and German Kaiser Heinrich VI on the field of battle. Since the Kaiser ennobled Erkenbert, all male descendants have always been named Heinrich!

      So our Henry was the 22nd, and now there are two diverging lines (at least) with numbers in the 30s and 40s and higher.


    2. John,
      even boxer George Foreman called most of his children George, including the girls.
      Shows how complicated it can get!

  8. FAWI,
    I had a think about the buzzsaw wheel, and I'm sure it works like my pie-slice idea.
    The top outer weight falls into the inner top slot, and the bottom inner weight falls into the bottom outer slot.
    Since there's no room for the weights to pass each other, the number of weights on each side stays the same, the two sections of the wheel move in opposite directions in 11 1/4 degree increments (11 1/4 x 2 x 2 = 45).
    The missing ring part and fingers are what regulates which weights move.
    8 weights on the R.H. inner.
    4 weights on the L.H. outer.
    This equals the 12 weights shown.

    1. Oops,
      slight faux pas, the two halves of the wheel will of course travel in the same direction, the 8 weights will go down, the 4 weights will go up.

  9. Hey John. I personally believe both the buzzsaw wheel and Bessler's wheel worked. I also believe they are totally different principles. It would be interesting if they were related but I doubt it.

  10. I agree jso, they certainly worked on different principles.


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