Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Update -from Florida

I'm still away, but I thought I'd write a blog update about where I am with regard to finishing the wheel.  I'm writing this on my mini ipad, so it's not so easy to write as on my PC at home!  I'm posting this to try to show why I'm reluctant to give any information about my work to date.

A principle that I discovered more than a year ago has so far failed to aid me in reproducing a working version of Bessler's wheel, however my efforts to try to incorporate it  has led to the discovery of another principle which lies at the root of Bessler's wheel. Both principles are essential ingredients to the successful completion of the wheel.

One is required to settle the angles through which the levers operate and the other is that most important configuration that overbalances the wheel.  I hesitate, these days, to make any claims to know the secret, but I do know and understand why these two principles are so important to the successful conclusion to a working wheel. 

When I discovered the first, I set to, building what I was certain would be the successful wheel,  however subsequently the second principle revealed its importance...and explained Bessler's comment that one side is full and the other side empty.

I may not be able respond to any comments prior to my return but I will read them and respond when I can.




  1. Let me sum up what I think I just read...

    You are admitting that what you have been working on for the last year, the "kicking" wheel,
    is a failure. It does not, could not, will never work.

    But...you have "discovered" yet another new
    and exciting principle that you must absolutely
    keep secret while you continue your experiments.

    Wasn't the title of the Aug 1 blog:
    "The solution to Bessler's wheel is in sight"
    ending the blog with: "Confidence is high. I repeat, confidence is high!"

    Bummers. It didn't work. No secrets are to be
    revealed. Maybe next time.

    1. No Bill, you seem to have it all wrong again. And I've no idea where your so-called 'kicking wheel' came from, not me any way. You use emotive language to describe what I said, and the effect is somewhat derogatory when compared to my own account. I understand your point of view and you are entitled to view my claims with certain scepticism, but you could be less discourteous to me.

      Despite your obvious disregard for my efforts to solve this puzzle, I am sincere and although I've not succeeded to date, I am confident that I am making progress -and yes, I will share what I know as soon as I find myself stuck for the next step in my research, and I can assure you that you will have to admit that I have made real progress towards the solution.


  2. Well I wasn't going to be as direct as Bill but I do want to ask if you plan on changing the principle concealed in the code at the end of your posts? If the core principle is still unchanged then that is a good thing as it means you are working out the details to the final solution.


  3. John, you are a historical scholar, a published
    author, the creator of an important website,
    respected member of the BW forum and an
    inspirational blogger.

    AND apparently, immune to Jedi mind tricks
    for I have failed to manipulate you into
    revealing secrets vital for the Rebel's plan
    to develop free energy and save the world
    from global warming.

    I humbly apologize if I have written
    anything disrespectful. I have been on the
    BW forum too many years where courtesy
    sometimes seems a minor consideration and
    it is generally considered great entertaining
    sport to poke fun at those that come too close
    to saying that they have figured it all out
    and will have a working wheel any day now.
    This time for sure. Absolutely.

    I , on the other hand, have NOTHING.
    My degree in electrical engineering and
    40 years experience programming
    computers has provided me with no useful
    background to reverse engineer this
    mechanical device. Every idea I have
    had and every attempted build has resulted
    in embarrassing failure. I am an impatient,
    silly old man addicted to this time
    consuming hobby that gives back only
    soul sucking frustration and discouragement.

    On a good day I usually start by reading new post
    on the BW forum. Then perhaps I check
    overunity.com or doing a keyword search
    and view stuff on YouTube. Or perhaps
    re-read stuff from old bookmarks or view the
    many hundreds of images and videos I have
    downloaded over the years.

    And then, if it is a good day, I will have
    saved the best for last. I will look for
    inspiration by surfing over to the
    John Collins blog. If anyone posted anything
    new, it was a very good day.

  4. Guys, be patient,
    it takes a while to gather the Aetherial Magnetite Particles from the Bermuda Triangle.
    Some of those blighters can be really troublesome.
    Once John has enough, he'll be back to use them in his latest design, I'm sure.


  5. Hi Bill, you have no need to apologise - it's just my paranoia playing mind tricks again. Funnily enough I did suspect you were attempting to extract a little information from me and to be honest one of the hardest things to resist is the temptation to drop clues about my work to impress all you guys out there striving equally hard to find the answer!

    I've written out in detail with drawings too, an explanation of the first principle I discovered, ready for when I finally succeed - but maybe I will just publish it anyway sometime soon. I haven' t documented the second discovery yet but I shall so do upon my return. First though I must finish the build - enjoyable as it has been, I could have used the time to finish my wheel - but I probably needed the break.

    Anyway my apologies and thanks to you Bill, for your explanation.


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. TG ... are you out there ... please give us an update on your build ...

  8. John ,
    Where in Florida are you ? The weather has been quite a bit wetter than usual ... hardly the most favorable for a vacation .

  9. I was in Tampa, but I'm back now.


    1. Sorry I missed you , maybe next time .

  10. Welcome back John,..Perhaps it would be a good idea to throw open the posts again, just to liven up the place.
    There's nothing the anons can say or do to dispute perpetual motion because I have confirmed its possibility personally.

    1. So you are confirming the possibility of PM without an actual runner. Can you give us some insight on how you came to this scientific conclusion without proof.

    2. Yes I can, if I allow my wheel to start from 12 o'clock,it will turn 360 degrees and go past 12 again.
      I can only do that for one turn because I have not as yet automated the switching mechanism.
      This I will do as soon as I can procure the spares and since the switching does not absorb any energy as it is activated by gravity, common sense will tell you that it will run on its own.


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