Thursday, 1 August 2013

The solution to Bessler's wheel is in sight

I'll be away for a week or two but I'll keep the blog open and read any comments as usual. So before I go, these are the facts as I know them...

Johann Bessler, also known as Orffyreus, invented a perpetual motion wheel. Despite the arguments both for and against, we know that it required the presence of weights to work and that it drew its energy from gravity.  I know this is taught as a violation of the laws of physics however the evidence that it worked and Bessler's own words convinces me that in certain situations or under special circumstance the assumptions within those laws can be circumvented and their usual established consequence may be changed - this would be the window perhaps, or a chink in the armour, to a working wheel mechanism. (I owe thanks for much of the phraseology in the previous sentence to Fletcher, a stalwart of the Besslerwheel forum)

I won't rehearse the arguments yet again, they are available on my websites and on the besslerwheel forum, but I have very good reasons for thinking that I know the answer to the invisible 'chink in the armour' of scepticism that holds us in its unrelenting grip.  I have been working towards this particular solution for several months and I'm know I'll get there soon.  I have to be away for a brief period so work on my wheel will stop 'til my return, but, as someone said in the movie, "The Day After," "Confidence is high. I repeat, confidence is high!"

Good luck to everyone involved in this project and I'll write again on my return.




  1. On the edge of my seat here, can't wait for the next update!

    (FWIW my money's on some kind of time dependency, per Noether, but i can't for the life of me figure out where.. CF>G seems the best candidate tho, the former being a function of speed)

    1. Yes, we're all on tenterhooks !
      We can still speculate while waiting though.
      Going back to your previous idea on the last article, I had a similar idea that involved two weighted spring arms, flapping up and down like birds wings, attached to a scotch yoke, with a horizontal oval, that turned the wheel.
      The flywheel effect causing more flapping, parametric oscillation style, more flapping causing more wheel turning.
      Another pull yourself up by your own bootlaces idea ?

  2. Yep fascinating systems aren't they - i came up with another last night; converting a scissorjack motion into torque, with the rotary and linear forces balanced such that the weights lift themselves at the same rate they fall.

    I ended up with a system wherein a smaller weight lifts a larger one, but neither actually move up or down - in effect, the weights gravitate towards each other, rather than downwards, because the rates of rotary and linear acceleration match perfectly throughout the radial excursion.

    The WM2D file's on my BW thread:

  3. OK scrub that, that last one was a false start. This time however i've really got a corker:

    Self-starting Perpetual Motion.

    No springs.

    No gears.


    No freakin' way? YES WAY! Ladies and Gents, for your edification, may i present Dr Orrfyreus's marvelous Apologia Wheel, AKA MT137:

    Et viola. C'est magnifique, non?

    1. Bonnet de douche,
      beaucoup Zippyshare sites, mais pas votre.
      ? Que passa, Mein Herr ?

  4. "Thursday, 1 August 2013
    I'll be away for a week or two..."

    It is now Thursday, 15 August, and by my calculations it has been two weeks.

    And no John, and no dramatic revelation of how his "kicking" wheel works.

    Oh, well...quite use to it by now. John has for years been promising he will
    share with us his experiments even "whether they work or not...".

    Never happened so far. However, it would be a nice change.

    Is anybody there?

    1. John said work on his wheel would stop while he was away. I don't think he would have anything new to say upon his return other than to say he was back.

      If you want to poke fun at someone (just having some fun here myself), Trevor said "a working wheel is only days away" and that was 3 months ago today. He took a lot of heat early on at BW for saying that.

    2. Thank you Zoeira. I'm in Florida until 24th August. I am aware that I promised to share information about my work on the wheel if I was making no progress or had successfully completed it, but the work I'm doing stems from a discovery I made over a year ago and I can't share anything just yet, without giving it away, - the secret principle I believe allows it to work

      I'll write again on my return.


  5. Yes,I am here,..and my working wheel is only days away!
    I have regularly reported my progress on
    I stand by my proclamation because I believe it is the only way it can be done and I am still just as confident.
    It shan't be long now.LOL.

  6. Hi John: I have a working wheel, although it turns very slow (4 rpm) and its extremely weak. I would like to show it to you first, I have a short vidieo and some stills. My name is Michael Kuhn and I live in northern Arizona. Its a crossbar just like bessler described. it barely makes it to the reset point, but it does manage


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