Tuesday, 31 December 2013


I have a feeling that this will be the year that Bessler's wheel is finally solved!  Have I said that before? Probably, but something seems different this time.  Many separate skeins are coming together, and speaking for myself, I am confident that I have the whole solution in my head and partly already built in my secret laboratory  ( workshop/work bench/ small niche for my mechanism-building!)

I no longer worry about anyone else getting there before me (I used to!) - I just want to see dozens, hundreds, thousands, or more likely millions, of Bessler wheels of all sorts and sizes, spinning continuously all over the world, providing electricity, heat, air-conditioning, pumping water, grinding corn, propelling ships, trains -  maybe even  vehicles, who knows?

The end is in sight and somewhere there is (or are) one or more determined individuals putting the last touches to their prototypes prior to testing them.  It might be you or it might be me, but whoever it is, good luck and don't be put off if this one fails, you have it in you to succeed and succeed we must.  Good luck to all and a very happy, prosperous and healthy new year to all.




  1. Happy New Year everyone!
    You're right John, 2014 will be the year.

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  3. Thanks John Collins for the encouragement.

  4. [quote author=Grimer link=topic=13480.msg381461#msg381461 date=1388733245]
    I think I can now see my way to understanding what's going on with the RAR gravity engine.

    These various mechanisms which are being discussed, the simple balance, the Roberval Balance and the RAR are all energy transduscers which convert the gravitational acceleration into different orders of energy and route that energy to different destinations.

    The three lowest orders of energy we are concerned with are

    1st order ..... velocity
    2nd order ..... acceleration
    3rd order ..... jerk

    Fortunately for us we can forget about the next three higher orders,
    snap(4th), crackle(5th) and pop(6th),

    Starting first with a simple lever balance pivoted at its centre we can see that the equal 2nd order energy of two unit masses in free fall is transduced into equal 3rd order energy for the mass nearest (inboard) and the mass furthest (outboard) from the pivot.

    Both masses have the same angular momentum in other words.

    In contrast the 2nd order energy of the two masses is no longer equal.
    The 2nd order energy (acceleration) is partitioned into a greater and a lesser.

    The outboard mass has the greater 2nd order energy.
    The inboard mass has the lesser 2nd order energy.

    So we can see that the simple balance is a step up transducer.
    The energy equality is stepped up from the 2nd to the third order.

    In contrast the boundary case of a Roberval Balance leaves the energy order of two free falling masses unchanged.

    In this boundary case the component masses of the balance tend to zero
    and the vertical movement of the balance pan also tends to zero.

    Now even without having a full analysis of the RAR certain things seem clear enough.

    The 3rd order energy is being partitioned between the mass of the earth (as in the case of gravity assist) and the crankshaft.

    The transfer of the partitioned jerk is takes place as the outboard RAR mass is grounded.

    It's certainly a damned more complicated away of harnessing gravity than the Bessler or the Keenie.

    I suppose one can view it as the gravitational equivalent of a Newcomen Atmospheric Engine.

    Done for the RAR and Keenie. The principle must be essentially the same for the Bessler.

  5. OK John, you have had enough time to recover from the New Years Eve hangover. I look forward to your next blog. ;)

  6. Faitr comment jso! I'm working on it. Won't be long.


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