Thursday, 13 August 2015

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This blog will temporarily cease to post blogs.  The reason is that I am currently extremely busy and trying to get my wheel finished, my new website finished and a new publication finished.  All of these things will be published in the next few weeks but for now I am removing the comments feature because I am not posting blogs so there is nothing really to comment on. 

My house in the UK is for sale too, and once it's sold we intend to buy a small villa in Spain and also a small house here so that we have a bolt-hole here in the UK for when we return which we shall do every few weeks.  The house and garden are too big for us, there's only my wife and I here, so something smaller and easier to manage will be good.

I will update this blog from time to time but the comments part is closed for now.  I have also put a notice on a temporary website at and that too will be updated occasionally.  So for now I shall repost the basic story of Bessler and hope that I do not lose any of my friends who have kindly come with me on the journey so far. I will be back soon!

The legend of Bessler’s Wheel began on 6th June 1712, when Johann Bessler announced that he had invented a perpetual motion machine and he would be exhibiting it in the town square in Gera, Germany, on that day.  Everyone was free to come and see the machine running.  It took the form of a wheel mounted between two pillars and ran continuously until it was stopped or its parts wore out. The machine attracted huge crowds.  Although they were allowed to examine its external appearance thoroughly, they could not view the interior, because the inventor wished to sell the secret of its construction for the sum of 10,000 pounds – a sum equal to several millions today.

News of the invention reached the ears of high ranking men, scientists, politicians and members of the aristocracy.  They came and examined the machine, subjected it to numerous tests and concluded that it was genuine. Only one other man, Karl, the Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, was allowed to view the interior and he testified that the machine was genuine. He is a man well-known in history as someone of the greatest integrity, and  the negotiations between Bessler and Karl took place against a background in which Karl acted as honest broker between the warring nations of Europe; a situation which required his absolute rectitude both in appearance and in action. 

There were several attempts to buy the wheel, but negotiations always failed when they reached an impasse – the buyer wished to examine the interior before parting with the money, and the inventor fearing that once the secret was known the buyer would simply leave without paying and make his own perpetual motion machine, would not permit it.  Sadly, after some thirty years or more, the machine was lost to us when the inventor fell to his death during construction of another of his inventions, a vertical axle windmill.

However, the discovery of a series of encoded clues has led many to the opinion that the inventor left instructions for reconstructing his wheel, long after his death.  The clues were discovered during the process of investigating the official reports of the time which seemed to rule out any chance of fraud, hence the  interest in discovering the truth about the legend of Bessler’s wheel.

My own curiosity was sparked by the realisation that an earlier highly critical account by Bessler's maid-servant, which explained how the wheel was fraudulently driven, was so obviously flawed and a lie, that I was immediately attracted to do further research. In time I learned that there was no fraud involved, so the wheel was genuine and the claims of the inventor had to be taken seriously.

The tests which the wheel was subjected to involved lifting heavy weights from the castle yard to the roof, driving an Archimedes water pump and an endurance test lasting 56 days under lock and key and armed guard.  Bessler also organised demonstrations involving running the wheel on one set of bearings opened for inspection – and then transferring the device to a second set of open bearings, both sets having been examined to everyone’s satisfaction, both before, after and during the examination.

So the only problem is that modern science denies that Bessler's wheel was possible, but my own research has shown that this conclusion is wrong.  There is no need for a change in the laws of physics, as some  have suggested, we simply haven't covered every possible scenario in the evaluating the number of possible configurations. 

I have produced copies of all Bessler's publications, with English translations.  They can be obtained by clicking on the appropriate links on the right.




  1. Glad to see your blog is coming back to life again, John. I definitely missed it during the last week or so. I hope your plans to move to Spain go smoothly. Moving, at any age, can be a very stressful process. I hope you are retaining your British citizenship, however, just in case ISIS makes it all the way over to Spain and you have to scoot back to "merry old England" again!

    Update. I finally downloaded and installed the Firefox browser and all I can say is "wow!". My pages are scrolling smoother faster than ever and I'm viewing youtube videos at a higher quality level than ever before! I find it far better than either the Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers and, if anyone out there is using Windows 7, then I would recommend it to them. My Bessler wheel research continues and I recently passed model # 1207. After additional hours of work, I reached a stunning conclusion: the approach I have been following is physically impossible! Does this mean that I think it is completely flawed or that Bessler was a fraud? No, absolutely not. I continue to believe Bessler's wheels were 100% genuine and the design I have now is, essentially, the same that he used. So, why do my model's not keep their CoM's on their descending sides? I have pondered this matter for hours and reached the following conclusion. All of my models use a single "prime mover" lever to raise a single leading lever on the wheel's ascending side. That approach to making the ascending side levers "rise in a flash" is just not physically possible. But, there is alternative approach, using my current lever shape, which might overcome this problem and which I've never previously tried. I'm working on this now and, once again, my excitement is beginning to mount. Stay tuned folks.

  2. Hi Ken. Are you able to comment on the latest blog? I seem to be having trouble enabling comments.


    1. No, John, the comments link is not appearing on your latest blog which is dated Sunday, August 23. I hope you get the bugs out of it. Jackson? Is that your nickname?

    2. One of the curiosities of using an ipad to write texts or comments, I find, is the way it sometimes corrects what you have written and so without noticing I have signed myself as Jackson! Weird! No the name Jackson has never been applied to me before, Ken, please ignore.


  3. Oh no !
    I was going to say it's none of the above, it's an éclairissement, now close the comments quick, before Ken unleashes what he's been holding onto for two weeks, but I'm too late ! :-D

    1. Lol! There are probably some out there who are actually experiencing withdrawal symptoms from not having this blog to opine on. I can think of one in particular. Anyway, it's nice that it's back again.


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