Saturday, 8 April 2017

Visitors to this blog, and a personally shocking discovery.

I was looking back at some early blogs I posted and noticed with something of a shock that eight years ago on February 27th 2009, I wrote, "I am completing the video about Bessler and I'm completing the paper which contains everything relevant to building Bessler's wheel, which I have discovered over a number of years".  OMG - how time passes and nothing gets finished!  I am a serial procrastinator! The video and the paper is going to have to be redone.

Since those days in 2009, I have made a number of discoveries about Bessler's codes and I believe I've made a lot of progress towards the solution, but of course back in 2009 I also thought the same.  I even placed a coded message at the bottom of the blog page which contained, or so I thought, the secret to Bessler's wheel.  How we delude ourselves!

I cannot afford to wait any longer, I'm 72 years of age and so I'm going to speed up the building of this wheel and then get straight on with finishing the paper and the video and publishing them.  Not that I fear anything terminal happening, just being careful!

On a different subject, I was looking at the stats page for this blog and I thought I'd include a few pieces of data while I compose my next blog,  I hope it makes for a brief but interesting read, for instance:-

Page views by country for March 2017.

United Kingdom  1335
France                  1057
United States        713
Belgium                340
Ireland                   94
India                      87
Turkey                   60
Germany                59
Australia                39
Indonesia               38
Canada                   36

I'm pleased that the UK is number one, and I'm surprised that France ranks as number two, I thought the USA would be there.  But it changes every week and other countries sometimes appear briefly, such as China and Japan among others.

The most commonly used browsers use inluded:-

Chrome used by  48%
Firefox                27%
Safari                  12%
Internet Explorer 7%

I'm also surprised that Internet Explorer has fallen so far in popularity, although I use Firefox in preference to Chrome anyway. There were several others, some of which I had never heard of but all of low percentage

Operating systems : -

Windows    3210 (54%) 
Macintosh  1360 (23%)
Linux      578 (9%)
iPhone     235 (3%)
Unix       227 (3%)
iPad       140 (2%)
plus assorted mobile systems.

Windows are still in there, but Apple is getting a good chunk of the rest.  I have one imac and two windows and for me the Apple involves a fairly steep leaning curve and I wonder if that is why it hasn't taken more of the windows market.

Google have provided almost all of the referring URLs, and almost as many referring sites apart from my own web sites.

Commonly used search keywords:-

Bessler, Orffyreus, perpetual motion, secret drawings, free energy, continuous motion, circular motion, Maschinen Tractate, Bessler's code, Apologia Poetica, Das Triumphans, Collins, gravitywheels.....................

I don't know how old these are but I assume they were references recently.

Page views all time history  912,547.

Disppointing really given how many years and how many blogs I've written but then this is a niche subject and I struggle to put up new blogs without giving away the work I've done so far.  Still the total breaks down to over 300 daily, so perhaps I should be satisfied.


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