Saturday, 8 April 2017

Visitors to this blog, and a personally shocking discovery.

I was looking back at some early blogs I posted and noticed with something of a shock that eight years ago on February 27th 2009, I wrote, "I am completing the video about Bessler and I'm completing the paper which contains everything relevant to building Bessler's wheel, which I have discovered over a number of years".  OMG - how time passes and nothing gets finished!  I am a serial procrastinator! The video and the paper is going to have to be redone.

Since those days in 2009, I have made a number of discoveries about Bessler's codes and I believe I've made a lot of progress towards the solution, but of course back in 2009 I also thought the same.  I even placed a coded message at the bottom of the blog page which contained, or so I thought, the secret to Bessler's wheel.  How we delude ourselves!

I cannot afford to wait any longer, I'm 72 years of age and so I'm going to speed up the building of this wheel and then get straight on with finishing the paper and the video and publishing them.  Not that I fear anything terminal happening, just being careful!

On a different subject, I was looking at the stats page for this blog and I thought I'd include a few pieces of data while I compose my next blog,  I hope it makes for a brief but interesting read, for instance:-

Page views by country for March 2017.

United Kingdom  1335
France                  1057
United States        713
Belgium                340
Ireland                   94
India                      87
Turkey                   60
Germany                59
Australia                39
Indonesia               38
Canada                   36

I'm pleased that the UK is number one, and I'm surprised that France ranks as number two, I thought the USA would be there.  But it changes every week and other countries sometimes appear briefly, such as China and Japan among others.

The most commonly used browsers use inluded:-

Chrome used by  48%
Firefox                27%
Safari                  12%
Internet Explorer 7%

I'm also surprised that Internet Explorer has fallen so far in popularity, although I use Firefox in preference to Chrome anyway. There were several others, some of which I had never heard of but all of low percentage

Operating systems : -

Windows    3210 (54%) 
Macintosh  1360 (23%)
Linux      578 (9%)
iPhone     235 (3%)
Unix       227 (3%)
iPad       140 (2%)
plus assorted mobile systems.

Windows are still in there, but Apple is getting a good chunk of the rest.  I have one imac and two windows and for me the Apple involves a fairly steep leaning curve and I wonder if that is why it hasn't taken more of the windows market.

Google have provided almost all of the referring URLs, and almost as many referring sites apart from my own web sites.

Commonly used search keywords:-

Bessler, Orffyreus, perpetual motion, secret drawings, free energy, continuous motion, circular motion, Maschinen Tractate, Bessler's code, Apologia Poetica, Das Triumphans, Collins, gravitywheels.....................

I don't know how old these are but I assume they were references recently.

Page views all time history  912,547.

Disppointing really given how many years and how many blogs I've written but then this is a niche subject and I struggle to put up new blogs without giving away the work I've done so far.  Still the total breaks down to over 300 daily, so perhaps I should be satisfied.



  1. You should be satisfied. After all, you've contributed much to this blog and have many supporters. I was thinking about all the posts that you've put up, and from all of that, you could make a book just from them alone. So, enjoy the success that you have so far. Not many people can say that they've accomplished as much as you have.

    So with that said, if you find that your wheel doesn't turn, or keep going, let me know and I'll reveal to you a solution that really works. As long as I get some of the credit😊

  2. Great! I look forward to hearing from you. When you're ready, just send me a text 😊

  3. Impossible is not French, it's probably a good reason ...
    Personally I believe that a permanent balance is possible, now that the power of such a system, we will know one day.
    Some friends and I are working on this hypothesis, I will give you a link on a private forum soon.
    See you soon

  4. Woooo Hooooo sure seems like there is an end in sight. The first to the actual working model will be a hero to us all. John, it is absolutely because of your tireless work that I became aware of Bessler and his amazing accomplishments as well as most of us. We all owe you a great deal of praise and respect. Looking forward to this coming year

  5. Where there's a wheel, there's a way. In fact, there may be more than one way to make a gravity wheel.

  6. If that was so there would have been many versions out by now... I strongly believe that even Bessler realized this the hard way...There is only one design that agrees with all clues and hints from Bessler and other eye-witnesses...

    1. Well I would have agreed with you until recently Suresh, but I now think that Bessler may have left clues designed to confuse by including different mechanisms, all capable of driving his wheels. Also he may have included parts which were necessary for the two-way wheels, but not the one-way ones. At the end of the day remember that Karl stated that the design was extremely simple.


  7. There may be many versions out there, but no one wants to reveal their version to the public. Surely, you must have a really good idea on how to make one work? I too have a solution as to how it (will) work. But, this is my own idea and true, it may not even be close to Bessler's complicated system, but I'm sure it will produce the same results.

    I've built a simple but crude cardboard model and it does what I expected it to do. I have no idea how Bessler built his but I'm confident that mine is different and unique compared to his and I know my designs works.

  8. Oh btw, my last comment was for Suresh.

  9. The idea is to unbalance a static suspended wheel...So many of us have recently started to realize that there could be more than one way to achieve this...Well, this belief can be solved only by producing working models... Bessler was a genuine man...Honest too...But many thought him to be a fraud...His writings are too clear and there seems to be no fraud visible...That is the reason there are still so many followers around...Quite hard to digest the fact that he could have left clues designed to confuse by including different mechanisms...We are not in a position even to reproduce his initial one way wheel so far...Let us imagine...Different mechanisms may also result in different shapes and sizes...But all Bessler wheels appeared more or less the same...Bessler ofcourse thought of many different mechanisms but could finalize on only one success design...The one-way wheel...Later modified the same to run both ways...Note the speed reduction from 50 to 26... Almost half... which tells us the design could not be different...Ken too has no doubt on this...I do have a design in mind but not technical enough to build one...I have no wood work or mechanic experience...I have a good understanding of what Bessler meant in his many writings...It somewhat matches with Ken's except for cords and springs..I think Bessler tried to confuse others only to ensure that his only secret design is not easily understood by anyone...Except the ones with descending minds..

  10. Perpetualman...Or should we also address you as PM?...Let me tell you something... This is all a game of weights and levers...By using weights alone we can't expect the miracle to happen... levers are an integral part... They help in the swing and also in the ascending mode..The idea is to get one weight to raise another by swinging and going down....This act is very simple though hard to imagine...There is no much complication involved..Only a simple innovation to trick gravity...So that it can also assist in the ascending side... Bessler got it after much trial and error but was too scared about losing the secret...One glance is enough....So he guarded it throughout...In my opinion he didn't have many designs to Protect...Just this simple one...There is no Much difference between the one way and both directional ones...The principle is used twice in the wheel that rotates both directions...Back to back...It is very important to Really understand the man and his work...His entire life was dedicated to the wheel...He just devised a way to unbalance a wheel... That's all...

  11. He was a Clever clever man. I too believe that once the veil has been pierced, the basis concept can be done in a number of ways. This initial thought process is so difficult to find anytime. Lots of folks can improve on a design, but to be able to come up with an original is very rare indeed. I can put an ad in the paper tomorrow and hire 10,000 "engineers" but not one of them could come up an original idea, but they would be glad to steal yours and call it their own. Lets get this thing going, my grandchildren need a world without all this burning and radiation, PLEASE

  12. If he was that clever he wouldn't​ have ended up the way he did... Despite holding the secret along with a prototype he didn't get the honor he deserved... Very clever people usually end up cheating the masses..I'll luck haunted him...At every corner...His temper rose often... There were many enemies.... The clever ones even tried to steal his secret... Actually, it requires a very broad mind to really understand this man...He didn't try to mislead anyone.... Infact, he has been very magnanimous in providing valuable clues to us..We should be grateful for all he did...

  13. There's a saying that goes like this: "For every action, there's an opposite but equal reaction". So does that mean that, Bessler's wheel didn't produce an equal reaction? But now that I think about it, maybe his wheel produced an equal reaction but on the same side of the wheel. What I mean is, having two weights shift at the same time on the same side of the wheel, instead of having one weight move closer to the wheels center on the opposite side and one move further away on the other side.

  14. You could be right...But we can't be sure what goes on at 50 rpm...

    1. "What I mean is, having two weights shift at the same time on the same side of the wheel, instead of having one weight move closer to the wheels center on the opposite side and one move further away on the other side" -----> (In the horizontal plane)

      Plus, all the weights should be able to shift or stay out of balance on the outer rim of the wheel instead of moving them in and out.

  15. Bessler states that he improved the design of the wheel. I think everyone agrees on that he found a basic principle, built wheels around it and improved the design of the wheels in every iteration. That's the natural progress of any design work.


  16. I just had another thought, if the weights hang below the horizontal plane, the wheel won't turn. However, if the weights are above the horizontal plane, shouldn't that make the wheel turn? As long as they are out of balance of course and remain near the rim of the wheel.

  17. It all depends if you have the design Right....It depends on how many segments the the circle (wheel) is divided into...It also depends on how many weights are employed...It depends on where the ascending weights are positioned... Ofcourse..If the wheel is out of balance and the weights remain near the rim on descending side, the wheel has to turn...

  18. Well.....

    I suppose I got it right. Everything you just mentioned is exactly how my design is. It's divided into eight segments, has eight weights, and the weights stay near the rim throughout the entire rotation of the wheel. I have the design all worked out and now, I just need to put it together and prove to myself that it works the way that I designed it to, and then show everyone else that it actually works.

  19. It also depends on how the levers and internal wheel structure is designed​...The lever-weight combination and their size, shape., Etc...If in case you didn't get even any one of these right then you can imagine the outcome...Just eight weights and segments can't guarantee success...It is how the internal coordination happen...The swing, the landings, the rising of weights all matter.... Weights remaining above horizontal plane and being near the rim is not a big matter...

  20. The play, the act, the tricks,...One may describe it in different ways...all this must occur inside... Bessler had this covered...The design is simple but the action inside is amazing... Nowhere to be compared... Very unique movement...It really defies gravity...


  21. "Page views all time history 912,547"

    I recall that day and with fondness.

    It was the one when I had worked up a thing particularly special and revealing for old K.B., just before began the tympanic drumming leading to the glorious self-drumout.

    The fury and smoke resulting from the protests and denials and nonsense-outrage, were so thick plentiful, it could easily be cut with a knife.

    Now, matters have progressed to boring by comparison.

    But NOT boring as to the importance of the ongoing search, which goes-on unabated.

    Even less boring than usual all would be, if only Vibrator would appear more often to dazzle with his seemingly endless but lovely, speculative technicalia of the otherworldly-inner. (Although torment, we'll just have to wait for our luckier stars to shine brighter, then the miracle.)



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