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Some Johann Bessler Information Sources

Here, and on my web sites, I  have always provided links to web sites which in my opinion contain useful information about Johann Bessler and his Perpetual Motion machines.  But from my own experience (and inclinations!) most people ignore the links either because they can't be bothered to look or decide to go there next time - and familiarity with the links tends to lead to their increasing invisibility!

So here is a brief run down on what is on my websites, plus a couple of others containing excellent information and some official sources.  I had a choice back in 1996 of having .com or and I chose wrong! This was my first web site.  It contains a brief account of the legend of Johann Bessler plus links to purchase either printed or digital copies of my book plus the four books by Bessler including English translations.  Short descriptions of each book are also provided.

There are also links to Christian Wagner's extremely critical reviews of Bessler's wheel, but it makes interesting reading- especially as it was written by one of Bessler's hated 'enemies'. This one contains numerous examples of Bessler's codes and their meaning.  I have tried to be objective but where I think my interpretation is more speculative I have said so.  The one thing you can take from this web site is that Bessler definitely used codes and pointed them out, all we have to do is decide whether the other undeciphered codes contain real information which would help us reconstruct his wheel.  From personal experience I can state with complete conviction, yes, there is good information available for those who have the endurance and determination to find it. This site is more general and repeats information about the books.  I have included a brief account of my intentions in having the books and web sites which I hope you will read.  I found so much coded information in Chapter 55 of Apologia Poetica that I had to devote a whole web site to describe my findings.  I know there are people around the world who use this information as a starting point in attempting to decipher the text.  A few years ago I visited Kassel, Fuerstenberg and Karlshafen and took time to see the windmill which Bessler was building when he fell to his death.  This website contains some of my pictures and some interior ones from an estate agency who offered the original building for sale.  I tried to explain as much as I could about my current thinking at the time, about the principles behind Bessler's wheel. I discovered the little known sport of 'kiiking' native to Estonia, which involves swinging on a special device in which a swing is suspended from metal rods, so they are rigid and the rider can swing right over the top of the swing, provided his feet are securely fixed to the seat!  An examination of the rider technique supplies good information which can be used in designing Bessler's wheel.    This just a place where I intend to publish my reconstruction of Bessler's wheel - physical or virtual.  In other words if I succeed it will all be here wih video, pictures and explanations, and if I don't then I'll share everything I've discovered that I haven't published - and believe me it's a lot!  This is the place to go to discuss all thing Bessler.  It has loads of information as well and numerous links to original sources.  This is the best source for accurate information about the dimensions of each of Bessler's wheels, plus you get access to the reworked and updated digital drawings by Bessler which compose his Maschinen Tractate .    This the best German language site and is full of information about the people and the times Bessler lived through.  It has pictures of everyone who became involved in the Bessler legend and also includes photos of the various places he visited.

It must be obvious that from the beginning I gathered a few web sites with meaningful names, but it's an expensive game and I have let several go. What's the point of owning numerous domain names, I have more than enough still? 



  1. A splendid list this is, John.

    There were a couple with which I was not before familiar. I am 'checking them out' when done here.

    The following paragraphs-two were compliments of Vibrator who had posted them on 16 November 2013. I had archived his offerings of that day and refer to them all on occasion. Although taken out of context, still they stand alone as they are for my purpose:

    "Again, this is the reason why we should all be keeping an eye out for non-dissipative losses - sudden drops in net system energy that cannot be explained by friction or drag-type losses alone. Being able to destroy energy this way might not seem particularly useful (though it actually has many wonderous uses), but more importantly the asymmetry responsible will, in principle, be fully reversible.

    Find a non-dissipative loss mechanism and you're halfway to an over-unity gain. That is, such losses are the corollary mechanism - the same asymmetry, inverted."

    Extremely fine advice this was, and to be found invaluable utterly. Yes, do let's watch out for that "fully reversible" effect, as one just never knows to where it might lead. :)

    If on speaking terms I would thank him for all that he has done, is doing and it yet-to but, unfortunately it is not possible as we two inhabit greatly disparate worlds/existences, obviously, and therefor on the account, communication is simply not be found 'in the cards'. Too bad.

    (But . . . for whom this??? The answer to this is just about as mysterious as Bessler's wheel mystery has proved. Is time to tell? (As for that particular question time WILL tell, I am sure . . . it being only a matter of some or other amount of it.)

    "TIME!! - Mankind's most precious coin!!"



    1. James,
      you're not trying hard enough!
      I've sent/received a few E-mails to/from Vibrator.

    2. Ha!

      For some reason I'm not all that inclined to want to, STEVO. Just reading and enjoying what I can comprehend of what he writes, really is enough that's good. Personal contact by electronic means really would be superfluous, netting we two nothing, really. His main area for our best usage is the inspiring of design-thought and, about any likely analyses AFTER the fact of something new caused to manifest tangibly. Or this so I believe. As regards all this "I reserve the right to be wrong." - Jim_Mich*

      It is sad to me that none seem to lament much Jim of Michigan's passing. I do, and think well of him occasionally, even though we did not communicate all that much by PM. The BWF will continue to be somewhat the lesser now for it. (I can think of TWO most wicked, merciless destructive needlers, whose 'passing' into the Abyss would be of greatest spiritual uplift to the BWF!! This 'we' await with breaths unabated!!)

      Are you yet into building a wheel, STEVO? Or, perhaps still in the conceptual/design stage? Hey - as Vibrator so wisely advised so long ago, watch out for that gobbling-up of energy due to mysterious/unaccountable non-dissipative actions. If and when observed, then it's opposite MUST exist. Just sayin'.



    3. James,
      no, I'm not building at the moment, but Quazgaa has given me a nifty idea based on the Jolly Woodsman toy.

    4. James, you have done your share of needling people, the first that comes to mind is Ken. I am sure in your mind you were the righteous one, but surely there are other Miller-types out there who are salivating over your demise. N'est-ce pas?

    5. Anonymous postings = Zero credibility . . .

    6. Sounds good, STEVO. Very best of luck with it.

    7. Good comeback, identifiable gasbag.

  2. Looking through, although I can't read German, I came upon a link to web site which has these lines about Count Karl (after being allowed to peer inside the wheel):

    "The secret, if there was a secret, lay in the ingenious manner in which the weights on the ascending side of the wheel were prevented from following their normal path next to the rim."
    "Count Karl said that these weights were blocked by small pegs which swung back out of the way as the weight passed the zenith."

    Are those accurate details of what the Count found? Also there is this:

    "The Count prudently hastened back to his quarters and wrote an account of what he had seen."

    If that is true, I would think there is another record of the design of Bessler's wheel. What became of Count Karl's notes? Did Johann Bessler die before Count Karl? If he did, I would think that the Count might have felt he had some duty to make sure the secret was revealed at some point, like maybe by putting an explicit description in a safe, and telling his grandchildren to release it in a hundred years or something.

    1. I wish I had a pound for every time that quote is resurrected! It is a fictional creation published by an American author, Frank Edwards, back in the 1950s. He recounts the legend of Bessler's wheel but adds the bit you quoted to spice up the story. He also had a radio show about UFOs and such like.

      The facts are clear. Karl was given access to Bessler's wheel as a condition of his patronage so there was no need act as described above. He was also sworn to secrecy but he did say the design was simple and he was surprised that no one else had discovered it before.


    2. It is vexing but also is entertaining somewhat - how often that little piece of disinformation pops up, thereby muddying the already too opaque waters. I wonder why he did that bit of naughtiness?

      Well, I think that the information bit of Karl's most important, was the one advising as to the work's essential inner simplicity. This should always be kept in mind, I believe.

      The "interconnectedness" aspect that Bessler made clear certainly was 'key' but, in light of what Karl stated, really should be kept well in-check. Heck, certain of designs I've seen proposed are ones that have become overly complex monsters in the name of that.

      Yeah, simple but somehow interconnected . . .

    3. "To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk." Thomas Edison. I've got tons of junk from old failed wheel mechanisms, so I'm half way there!



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