Monday, 26 February 2018 most visited site.

I was looking at my blog’s stats today and was surprised and pleased to discover that my web site at The Orffyreus Code web site  is the most visited of all my web sites.  I can put some of it down to links from this blog but many of them have come from other places too many to list, lots of forums and links from other web sites.

The reason I’m pleased is that I never, or hardly ever, get any feedback from the site, so to see so many visitors means a lot to me. For those who have not visited it, it describes a number of pieces of coded information to be found in Bessler’s publication, along with my interpretation of them.  So for instance there are about 23 links to separate pages detailing the codes and what they mean.

I was going to provide links to each page on this blog but then I realised it was filling the page with links without further information about each link.  So I put a brief explanation of each link in between the links, and ended up with page about four times longer than usual and it might have the effect of sending everyone to sleep or to some less boring site. So I reduced this blog to a minimum.

So if you haven't visited the site please do so you might be pleasantly surprised.



  1. Honourable John Collins, your argument about open and closed systems does not make sense to me.I was to understand that it was all about power or energy and whether it originated in the wheel or supplied from outside.
    You call gravity an energy,it is just a force or a storage medium when mass is involved.

    1. Trevor, we’ve done this so many times. A closed system means that the energy source is inside the machine; an open system means it comes from outside. You maintain that your wheel is a closed system, science says...impossible because you will run out of energy. Gravity may affect the weights inside your machine but, like an open system it originates outside your machine, hence it is an open system.

      Gravity is an enabler and causes your weight to fall



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