Friday, 10 June 2022

Johann Bessler Versus the Conspiricists

There are often comments suggesting that publication of the solution to Johann Bessler’s Perpetual Motion device could endanger the life of the publisher/discoverer etc.  But in my opinion this is just the fake conspiracy theorists at work; the same kind of belief espoused by flat-earthers, the faked moon landings, the investigation of a crashed UFO at Area 51, and many other ‘suspicious’ events.  Many conspiracy theories involve an explanation for an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy by sinister and powerful groups, often political in motivation, when other explanations are more probable. They are no doubt apocryphal.

These conspiracies work because of a psychological effect known as  the illusory truth effect or the illusion of truth effect.  It is the tendency to believe false information to be correct after repeated exposure. This phenomenon was first identified in a 1977 study at Villanova University and Temple University When truth is assessed, people rely on whether the information is in line with their understanding or if it feels familiar. The first condition is logical, as people compare new information with what they already know to be true. Repetition makes statements easier to process relative to new, unrepeated statements, leading people to believe that the repeated conclusion is more truthful. (Thanks to

Having said that I’m not immune to the strange attraction of some theories even though my inbuilt BS detector warns me not to be gullible.  In a way we are bombarded with conspiracy theories on a daily basis. There is so much duff information out there which is swallowed eagerly by younger, more innocent and less experienced people who harvest huge amounts of information and through a variety of  social media help to spread it like a virus.  Many older and wiser people also spread the same news as if it was legitimate, authorised or verifiable.  So is this just more paranoia and on what grounds would people think that we Bessler researchers are risking our lives by continuing our research?

The favourite bad guy is ‘Big Oil’ and allied political groups, MIBs what or whoever they are, and others with their own axe to grind. There are those who deny global warming and others who accept it but deny human responsibility, blaming it on natural cyclical causes.  Too many to list here but I think that some are following an agenda with the ultimate aim of stopping our kind of research because it will impact on the value of their own interests and therefore they welcome these conspiracy groups which are self generating and popular with certain groups. 

Not forgetting those who genuinely believe that we in this area of research are delusional, misled or incapable of understanding that Bessler was a fake and the whole project is doomed to failure.  I suppose they can’t be called conspiracists but their effect is similar to those who are, and of course they believe they’re correct due to the illusory truth effect!

I’m certain that the ramifications of a modern version of Bessler’s wheel will include reviews of investment in most if not all alternative energy research.  It will call into question the true value of windmill electricity generators, whether on land or offshore, and this will be challenged by groups with a personal interest in such industries.  I found a paper published by one industrial giant which stated that “the European Union has committed to cut greenhouse gas emission by 55% by 2030 in order to reach climate neutrality in 2050. It has been widely recognised that electricity will be the backbone of the energy system when it comes to a clean energy transition. Renewables, led by wind and solar, will play a central role in the shift from fossil-based power generation, with evolving energy carriers like hydrogen complementing direct electrification and helping to address harder-to abate sectors.”  You can’t blame them, they have a huge investment in this industry and see their future reliant on the options available to them at this time, i.e., no realistic chance of Bessler’s wheel making an appearance any time soon, but if and when it does appear they are not going to take it lying down. Their best way forward would be to invest in researching ways to use it, and they might just do that.  This could be replicated around the world.

My suggestion to those who warn against publishing details about Bessler’s wheel assuming they’ve succeeded in building a working model is you should flood the media with precise details of the construction.  Use the same methods as the conspiracists and the news will spread faster than the most potent media virus.  This way the details will proliferate in a world with multiple interactive communications and become unstoppable.



  1. I think Bessler was the victim of a cabal of Borlach, Gartner, and Wagner. They were convinced he was a scammer and determined to expose him. They were also envious of all of the attention he was getting and at their own failures to build genuine pm wheels. Those three may also have been working with the approval of various secret societies and religious groups in the region who were concerned that Bessler was about to release secret information that would threaten them in some way. IIRC Bessler wanted to start his own religion and that could have pulled members out of those secret societies and religions. They would, like the high priests of the Sanhedrin who set Jesus up for execution, make damn sure that wouldn't be happening!

    As they got more and more frustrated at not being able to put an end to Bessler's celebrity status, they got to the point where they even bribed his ex-maid to lie about how his wheels worked. When her explanation failed to convince anyone because of how ridiculous it was, they decided the only way to put a final end to his scamming would be to drive him to commit suicide and if that didn't work, then have him killed.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they were secretly behind him getting many offers for his wheel invention over the years that we don't even know about yet. He would always take the bait and immediately begin building a wheel as he dreamed about getting rich from its sale. Then, at the last minute, the deal would suddenly fall through for some reason and he'd freak out for having his trust betrayed, destroy the wheel, and sink into a deep depression. One can only endure so much of that kind of psychological torture along with hunger and poverty before his mind finally snaps.

    After his last potential sale fell through in 1745 with no payment being delivered, he may have gotten so depressed that he actually jumped off of that windmill he was building and killed himself to end his torment. Then again, maybe some worker he had hired to help him, after receiving a sufficiently high enough bribe from his enemies, gave Bessler a push to make it look like he committed suicide or it was an accident. As long as he was alive, he was a potential threat and they wanted that threat eliminated once and for all. Actually, I'm surprised they didn't have him eliminated years earlier.

    1. @anon 22:35
      I don't consider that a theory. I think it was reality!

  2. Anyone familiar with Monsanto’s much exposed dealings of past (regarding their pursuit of governance over the global food chain) and the spate of other greed-driven organisations (across all manner of ‘big’ industry from combustion engines to cigarettes, mining, human trafficking, olive oil to meat, forestry to palm oil, fracking to oil, fishery, and so on etc etc etc) knows that big Money can govern morals, law and truth BUT only once relatively low-cost adversary measures involving bastardisation from defamation, bullying and criminality prove effective.

    This has been the way for millennia ever since Man realised that Money held by the minority (unlike Religion requiring the majority) played key adversary to power over all thing’s material.

    Let’s face it we live in a world governed by Greed.

    I have no doubt Johann Bessler fell victim to organised foul play, whether from the Sciences (directly or indirectly) or from the ever-mounting industrialisation surrounding the steam engine (of contrasting complexity) each with preeminent structures funded by the big Money of the time. Afterall, Johann had stated that his invention was Simple and he had found God (not an alternative religion). So, the very foundations of both Science and Industry were potentially threatened by a Nobody. And, consequently in this case low-cost adversary measures were sufficient to extinguish the threat posed by Orffyreus.

    I don’t believe Johann was murdered, only because the runaway train of industrialisation had well and truly passed his window of opportunity, but I do believe his belief in God held steadfast…

    Hebrews 13:5


    1. Bessler's enemies were all following THEIR version of the "Golden Rule"...He who has the gold RULES! And their first rule is to get rid of anyone who might take some of their gold and power away from them like someone with a genuine working pm wheel for example.

  3. I agree entirely with your reasoning John. I think it is also worth noting that there doesn't seem to be many Bessler wheel researchers who are getting "bumped off", or at least those who are getting "bumped off", are going under the radar and nobody is aware of it.
    This can only be explained rationally by two possibilities, in my opinion.
    Either the secret society, or industrial mafia responsible for the "bumping off" of people who are a threat to them, don't feel it is necessary to bump any of the Bessler wheel researchers off, because they have the secret and they know damn well that we are running about like headless chickens and we have no chance of finding it.
    Or, they are also bumping off, all the families, friends and acquaintances of the Bessler researchers that they are bumping off. (maybe they don't bump them off, they just send them to the south pole that is circling the flat Earth that we live on?)
    There is a third option, although somewhat irrational and hard to believe, and that is that it's all a load of bollocks. The world genuinely believes that it is impossible, so there isn't a threat of it ever happening. If anybody was to show a runner; the world would generally deny it's validity, inventing weird and wonderful plausibilities that could explain it to be a fraud, and it would be far too late to start bumping people off, by the time the truth becomes an evidence.

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