Friday 17 May 2024

The Code contained in the Orffyrean Declaration of Faith - Part Four


Do you have the skills to decipher a 300 hundred year old code which could revolutionise the way we produce cheap clean energy? If the answer is yes, read on.

Deciphering the Orffyrean Declaration of Faith


 Part Four

I think it will be helpful for those people interested in studying the coded information discussed in these latest three blogs to study the actual pages I have used from the original publication Apologia Poetica by Johann Bessler (AKA Orffyreus).

So in order to assist anyone who feels that they may be able to advance the work I’ve done so far, limited as it is, I have reproduced copies of the relevant pages from chapter 55 of Apologia Poetica and numbered all of the lines including the four blank ones. I have drawn red arrows to identify where they are, and included them in the line count and you will see that there are four. Using the numbers it should be possible to identify, firstly the particular line and then the position of the letter or space.

To do this one must first find out how to ‘read’ the bible references. I haven’t given up on believing I can do this, but putting this on the internet seems a good way to bring what I have done so far to people’s attention and perhaps it will catch the eye of a better code-breaker than I. Maybe he or she can break the log jam and reveal the message Bessler was so determined to leave us, but which he was equally determined should not be revealed too soon. More than 300 years have passed and I think it’s time for the message to be read.

Anyway within these eight pages are contained both the bible references as well as the 54 stanzas (plus the four blank lines) which conceal the secret message. The encoded part ends on the last page with the last word ‘Ende’.

As I mentioned on the first of these Declaration of Faith blogs, I first published this information back in 2010, yet nothing further has been accomplished, as far as I know, so please, if you have the required skills or know some who has, please show them my work here and perhaps, eventually we will be able read about how Bessler’s wheel worked.


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