Monday 20 May 2024

Update on my PoP Bessler Wheel

I know from emails I’ve received that people have been wondering what’s been happening with my promised construction of what I believe will be an accurate copy of Bessler’s wheel.  It proceeds at a snail’s pace but it proceeds and I’ve completed most of the five mechanisms, and I remain confident that it will work.  For most of this year my time has been taken up with other work unconnected with Bessler’s wheel and it has had to be relegated to the odd few minutes when I can access the workshop to continue to build it.  

Even before I’ve finished my build, I’ve decided I will try to describe exactly how it works with simple diagrams and text which I hope will provide a convincing explanation of the build I’m engaged in.  The configuration is very simple but it does involve a principle which looks very obvious but has never, as far as I can tell, ever been shown before.

I tried to explain the design previously but I got too involved in tracing my journey to a particular design via Bessler’s clues, many of which no one is aware of.  This time I will leave out the clues and just try to explain the design.  I have had help from some very kind people but my efforts to use sims, kindly provided for me are too difficult to learn at my age, so I just have to try to get the explanations clear with a video and text and drawings.  But I’ll try to keep it simple!

I’m certain I understand the ‘connectedness principle’ mentioned by Bessler in his MT document.  Although it’s very simple it seems to have been overlooked by everyone including myself.  Weirdly, the solution came to me in a dream, just like Bessler’s did, about a year ago and I’m confident that I’m right.  The subconscious never sleeps and in my opinion continues to turn long standing problems over and over while we are asleep, searching for a solution.  The trick lies in trying to let one’s own consciousness become aware of the results of one’s subconscious activity and findings.

I often read of people who can recall their dreams in detail, but usually I can recall very little about my dreams, but in this case I awoke seeing an almost complete image of the wheel’s configuration, which I managed to retain in my minds eye.

I will attempt to publish the details in the next few weeks, at the same time I’m going try to make a YouTube video demonstrating my design which I hope to publish as well.

Thank you to those who never lost their faith in my promises and also for your overwhelming patience.  You will be rewarded soon.


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