Monday, 16 February 2009

A Paper on the Bessler/Orffyreus Code

I've made a decision over the weekend. I am writing a document which will detail the information I have deciphered from Johann Bessler's books and I am going to share it with somone who has provided many years of encouragement to me. He is in a position to fund research into this project in a way I never could. I believe that I would have succeeded eventually but times are hard and that is why I have decided to take what I hope will be a short cut to success.

I trust that this will lead to a valuable reconstruction of Bessler's machine. If it does I believe it will go a long way towards solving the energy crisis, not perhaps for industrial usage, but certainly for domestic users. If it doesn't, I still think that progress has been made, because much of what I have discovered makes perfect sense.

Information I have about Bessler's machine has been burning a hole in my pocket for about four years and I have almost given it away several times before deciding against sharing because I wanted to have the credit for the discoveries. However as I said above, time is running out and the sooner we can all start to use an alternative energy that is non-polluting and freely available, the better. This is more important than my personal feelings of achievement.

Later I might regret this decision but I hope not and I think not.

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