Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Designs for Bessler's Wheels

I received an email today with a design which the sender believes is how Bessler's wheel worked. I studied it with my usual care but as usual found little to get excited about. I lost my hard drive last year and although I recovered all of my documents, unfortunatley I was unable to save my emails since 1997! This was a tremendous blow because I reckon I had in excess of a 100 perpetual motion designs sent to me over the years.

As it happens, none of them would have solved the problem of Bessler's wheel but I always live in hope that someone will come up with the answer one day.

I still have an amazing collection of designs snail mailed to me from when I used to have my PostBox address on line. Again they are wonderfully drawn and show an impressive imagination but all would remain resolutely stationary if they were built.

I hope this trend to design would-be perpetual motion machines continues because I'm a firm believer that when the solution is found it will come from the 'little guy' working on his own in his work shop. Maybe some one like me or you perhaps?


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