Thursday, 23 April 2009

Perpetual Motion or Gravity wheel?

It seems to me that recently, in many forums, Bessler's wheel is being referred to as a perpetual motion machine (PMM or PM machine) more often than it used to be. I think that this is a mistake because using such names brings with it a lot of subjective cultural and emotive colouration in addition to the explicit meaning of term. The term 'perpetual motion' is often used in a perjoritive way in referring to the subject and those who support Bessler's claims are leaving themselves open to even more ridicule than we already suffer if they continue to use the term when, in my opinion, it is inaccurate, and should be replaced by some other term which describes it more succinctly. Perpetual Motion machines are defined as ones which don't have access to any external source of energy. They are isolated systems relying on their own intrinsic energy and are wholly independent of any other object, action or consequence. Such machines violate the law of conservation of energy.

Bessler's wheel relied on gravity for its energy. Now you can argue that gravity cannot be the sole source of energy for the wheel, but without it, it would not turn. Gravity pervades our world; it permeates all matter in and on the earth and the space around us, so it is in effect both internal and external to any machine which relies on it to work. As such it is not a perpetual motion machine, and not an isolated system,and it does not therefore, break the law of conservation of energy. It is, rather, a gravity wheel, or a gravity engine in the way that a petrol engine is called that because it runs on petrol; or a gravity mill in the same way that a windmill is referred to, thus, because it is driven by the wind.

Old examples of such machines are a windmill which drives a fan which pumps air at the windmill causing it to turn. A modern example would include a battery which drives an electricity generator which charges the battery. Both impossible because they derive no extra energy from outside their own little worlds and are thus isolated systems.

Bessler's wheel did, according to the inventor, use gravity to turn it, so it was a gravity wheel, regardless of whether you think it needed an additional source of energy to complete the cycle. So I must ask those who discuss such matters to please use a term other than PM when describing Bessler's wheel or we shall never get the serious attention of the scientific community we seek.



  1. Dear John !
    I have read your comments on your google blog and have to tell you that I admire your courage and the way you presents your book about Bessler . At this same time when you come up with you book I publish article about Bessler and his Perpetual motion wheel in Polish journal but that was 10 years ego . Since then I learn that common streams of education slowly start to change there view about physics the way we use to know . I think no matter how you will call this situation , scientists will oppose but same will admit that we are on the wrong track with our knowledge . Our experiments are proving that we have more energy from simple motion . Mr Bessler know this using so call tricks use by nature . His pendulum is extremely simple and is an example of that situation . Pendulum in Bessler books is somethink else the way we know . I'm sure you have his books original copy . 300 years old books have many drawings and there is many that never been publish . We study all of them . Yes ! it is a trick that you have to see it to belive but nature use this every day .
    Every word we read about this motion in his book is truth .
    And here is the problem with every one that read his books . Every one have his own picture in his head and follows only the idea that is know to him . A few years ego we form Scientific Association Society " RUMAG ".Most of the scientist are from Poland and numbers are growing . Simple we share the working ideas .
    At this moment in time the whole education is set to fail in wrong direction . They doing that for a purpose so we continue to support system we only know . Saying that ; They make a small progress by following same of ours ides with research . For examples two prominent Universities in Poland confirm our experiments by repeating them by hundreds thousands of times . That is almost official news but to explore that information further , look at web page -adress in e-mail . They have to admit that classical mechanics is wrong . We getting more energy when we start with .
    What we are saying is that ; classical physics follow a one exception in nature and of course it is truth by Newton laws . But this is only one exception and nature can easily skip it and go without it .
    Mr John thanks to people like you we can continue our research without worry to much for scientists that are on wrong path .
    Thank you for encouragement .
    Jan Rutkowski .
    P.S. Read this e-mail .
    Energy reserves and the errors of classical mechanics
    From: Waldemar Gajewski (
    Sent: Thursday, 16 April 2009 10:17:08 AM Sent: Thursday, 16 April 2009 10:17:08 AM

    Hello Gentlemen,
    I'm giving you a good reading on the
    There are interesting results with the review of research by scientists at the Jagiellonian University and the University of Opole
    - - It turns out that the resulting with additional energy, turning once a gyroscope in one direction , and once on the oppose direction - it is proved scientifically by one hundred thousand trials - the result is contrary to classical mechanics, while completely consistent with the observations of John Rutkowski , Scientific Research Association " RUMAG "- (Technology of gravity) look -google-search that when change the direction of movement / induces an additional energy / analogies: stronger signal such as light or sound intermittent rather than constant,
    I Experience: the faster water boiling where the stream of gas will cyclical weakness and strengthened by their nature, etc .accordance with the /analogies: / solar cycles .After reading the article - please any feedback.
    Waldek Gajewski

  2. Here is my perpetual motion gravity wheel idea. You would have a few sticks with magnets attached to each end of them. Set them so they lay across the center of the wheel so they are free to slide using nails as holders for the sticks. Now on the left side of the wheel you would have a series of magnets lined up repelling the stick set ups to the right side of the wheel giving the wheel leverage to turn clockwise. before the stick set up reaches the repulsion magnets every time it will spring back. There will be rubber bands connected to the ends of the stick magnets to the center of the wheel where a small nails near the center of the wheel hold the other ends of the rubber bands


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