Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The solution is under your nose.

It was mentioned here very recently that we had been searching for some 300 years for a solution to Bessler's wheel and had found nothing but fraud upon fraud - and of course endless failure . We continue to search for that elusive design which will provide a continuous sequence of accelerating turns of the wheel, without success. One must conclude that the basic design concept we are using to achieve our aim must be wrong.

Throughout the history of the search for perpetual motion, (for gravity-wheels) the aim has been to get weights to overbalance a wheel by getting them to move, under the force of gravity, into a position from where they can apply their overbalancing effect. And yet we know, because physics tells us so, that such configurations cannot work. Gravity can react to an overbalanced configuration and make the wheel turn, but it cannot make the weight also return to its starting point. So as long as we continue to design wheels which rely on the same old concept we shall continue to fail.

It is apparent from posts by some members of http://www.besslerwheel.com/ that they believe that a separate additional force is required to engineer the movement of the weights into their overbalancing position. Such forces as CF and CP, magnetism, electrostatics and changes in ambient temperature have all been suggested. No-one to my knowledge has come up with a working hypothesis.

It seems to me that what we are all searching for exists but we are not looking in the right place - or rather we are looking but not seeing. Bessler said he found the answer where everyone else had looked. In other words the answer is right there under our noses.



  1. The most recent fraud I'm aware of was a guy who went by the name of MYLOW and his magnet motor. His fraud developed into stories of men in black and the ultimate theft of his device. He also acquired devout followers but finally admitted he was a fraud. As is sometimes the case, human pride kicked in and people did not want to admit that they had been "had", so some still assume he was coerced into claiming it was a scam. We all know that there is no certainty that this isn't the case with Bessler, but I, like many am persuaded otherwise.

    I imagine most of us who have seriously contemplated this problem will admit that we've had moments where we thought we were so close that we should just claim success. The smart ones, I believe like John here, will finally recognize the difference between dillusion and discovery. For some of us, we not only recognize it, but we put an end to it.

    Only once dillusion is out of the picture and human arrogance is beaten into submission will this be solved. If Bessler could work this out himself, then any one of dozens of groups from this community could. By groups I mean 2 or 3 working together with complete mutual respect and disclosure. Mutual respect, and an ability to disagree indefinitely without jeopardizing the partnership is necessary. A capacity to read ad-nauseum is also a must. The ability to be concise is overrated and IMO caters to our lazy bones, the inability to read anothers thorough opinion only leads to ignorance and useless criticism. bw.com has several upstanding individuals who are careful and thorough and, on the otherhand, many speed reading hacks that resemble Microsoft technical support moreso than scientific contributors. Speed reading should not be allowed!

    These patnerships must be arranged very carefully, because it should be a rather large and demanding commitment. A cord of 3 strands is not easily broken, but each strand has it's own, seperate, place. If any one strand tries to force another to occupy exactly the same space it will necessarily break. New ideas will only flow in an enviornment of transparency, and safety.

  2. "No-one to my knowledge has come up with a working hypothesis."

    I suppose it depends what you mean by a working hypothesis. I believe that the Vesica Pisces Gravity Motor is a hypothesis that will work - but, obviously, until it is built we will never be absolutely sure. 8-)

  3. Hi John and fans out there. It is great to find this great blog site. Thank you John Collins for it and the great work you are doing. It is people like you who are resilient in what they are doing who change the world. I am a Kenyan resident and have also had been working on a wheel capable of perpetual motion from 1991. In 1994 I got the breakthrough and came up with what I believe is a working hypothesis. I later filed for a patent and was awarded one in 1998. Through all these years, I have not been able to get enough support to develop the machine as it is mechanical and requires moulding of some parts.
    Just recently-I came to know about Johannes Bessler and his legendary work. I have gone through several websites reading about his invention, literature and studying his drawings. In a way, I could reflect on the path I took about 15 years ago. In my case, I attempted to design a wheel which has weights which are positioned far from the pivot point when descending and come closer to the pivot point when ascending. I succeeded, but the wheel turned out to balance as the mechanism for making these weights shift always created an opposing force in another way thus canceling this overbalancing effect. Twice I failed to break this deadlock. I broke this deadlock in my third design which though still balanced managed to separate the two opposing forces. The clockwise moment was caused by weights on the vertical plane and the anticlockwise moment by weights on the horizontal plane. This brought about the breakthrough because one could offer support to the weights on the vertical plane and thus cancel/reduce the clockwise moment and thus achieve a state of constant imbalance.
    As I went through Bessler's drawings and writings, I strongly believe that his wheel used the same idea though he may have implemented it differently. The result eventually is a wheel that is not as complex as expected. It rather stirs up a though like- "How come I did not think about it". I agree with your comments that the solution lies right under our noses'.
    I believe all along, people have gone the wrong way by trying to beat science. I realised that it is not possible to beat science but rather to 'trick' science. In my hypothesis, I found a means of tricking some 'levers' and support system to provide the work and thus enable the weights to move the wheel without any outside interferance.
    I am glad to find people with similar thoughts of working towards greener sources of energy and save our planet from environmental degradation. I would like to contribute to these seek support from like minded individuals/organizations in making this a reality.

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