Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A secured record, just in case...

While discussing certain matters with a friend, the other day, he raised a point of concern. He said that if I was so certain that I understood the basics of why Bessler's wheel worked and why it did not challenge the laws of physics, then I should get it written down and placed in some secure place so that, should something happen to me, it could be found, opened and shared. Otherwise it might be lost and would have to await someone else's discovery, which could be next week, next year or never.

I'm not one to worry about what might happen to me and I don't fear MIBs or any of their clones, but it did make sense to make sure my own research didn't get buried, just in case I wasn't looking while crossing the road or had my attention distracted from driving... So what was I to do?

The first thing I did was to write down everything about the basic principles that underlie a successful working Bessler wheel. It's not that complicated and it is, as Bessler said, to be found where everyone else has looked. The second thing is to encrypt it so that it can only be opened either when I have disappeared off the face of the planet or when I am ready to open it myself. PGP is the obvious choice and the only other thing is to find somewhere to post it. I could post it here and might well do so. Another idea is to copy it on to a CD and post copies to various people around the world and at the appropriate moment post the pass word key here there and everywhere. A posting on to another web site forum is a possibility but not without the agreement of the site owner.

Readers of this post may be thinking I am deluding myself if I really think I know the secret of Bessler's wheel, but the truth is that once you know it, it is obvious and leaves no room for doubt. The only problem left once you know the principle behind it, is to design a mechanism which incorporates the principle - and that is slightly more complicated!

I was hoping to finish my own proof-of-principle model before jetting off to Spain again, but alas the hours have overtaken me again so it will have to await my return in a few days. I am leaving to celebrate my older daughter's 40th birthday (she won't thank me for broadcasting that!) in the sunshine of the Costa Blanca.

NB in response to anonymous's comment, yes sorry. I should have said that steps have been taken to ensure that a public key is available. And yes you're absolutely right, I am trying to prove I came up with something first, in case I don't get to finish my own project before I go. So there are two things; one is to prove my priority and two is to ensure it is saved and not lost.



  1. John, it seems like this is really more about trying to prove you came up with something first, rather than protect the world from losing a jewel of knowledge. The reason I say that is because if you post encrypted info, how will anyone decrypt it in case of your demise? Would Sandra (or others?) have the public key?

  2. An encrypted password file is ridiculous because anyone skilled could hack it.

  3. brother, I expect you have considered this already, but you are succumbing to many of Bessler's own vices. With all due respect, this discovery is more important than the wealth of a thousand men more less one selfish genius. If you don't fall and hit your head you'll likely never see the wheel spin until you accept that this gift is for the good of mankind and too important to be wasted on vain conceit. If you don't believe God has some say in the matter you will certainly never see it spin, at least not in your secret workshop.

    You have admittedly spent years carefully guarding the better clues you have discovered. Earth does not deserve this discovery if no selfless man is able to reveal it. How many millions of hours have men wasted experimenting on the same "secret" principles. How angry are you with Bessler for having done what you are now doing? Lord help us, if now, even a copy of another man's work, is worth fretting so much over for hope of being rich.

  4. Let me put this a different way:

    "As long as a man seeks things for his own benefit, so long shall his searching be accursed!"

    From John Collins' translation of Apologia Poetica.


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