Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My own comments

I'll have a go at answering some of the points raised in comments recently.

I understand your frustration guys but please back off. I am very busy with family issues right now and I don't have as much time as I'd like to devote to the Bessler project.

I assume you're joking Axel, since I don't know anything about your ideas nor do I understand your brief description.

LIB I thought you were on my side. I have never set out to deceive anyone and if I have misled people I can only apologise and put it down to my own natural exuberance. What did I expect to happen? Not this! I have said I will share my information too many times to count and that commitment stands.

I may ignore the accusations from anons as have no idea who they are.

Kerob, I don't think my behaviour is irrational although it might be selfish - it's hard to analyze one's own actions. We look to protecting ourselves and our families first and if that's selfish then I'm guilty.

I've more or less finished the explanation I intend to publish but it's a too long for my www.gravitywheel.com web site so I'm writing a shorter explanation to post there and I'll release the fuller version as a download. I'd like to add a few drawings and a video to the web site version to aid the explanation.

Pete, with whom I was hoping to work with, to help me build a more engineered working model is busy and we are finding it hard to make time to meet, but we will when we can. As I've said before, Professor Hal Puthoff who has promised to help develop a working wheel has said that he needs a PoP wheel first so there is nothing further to be done there until that point is reached.

Thank you for the reminder about Arrache, I think it's time to talk to Ralph.

I guess I'm probably going to be consigned to somewhere hot if the saying that 'the road to hell is paved with good intentions' is true!

To enlarge on the clue I posted the other day. I said that the levers should move no more than 15 degrees. To be more precise, one lever, which is very long should move no more than 15 degrees causing another, shorter one, to move more than 15 degrees.



  1. Hi John,

    You still have my backing and I don't care how long it takes, I know you will spill beans only when you're ready. It will take as long as it takes.

    If everyone else thinks I'm being taken in, then so be it. You have put a lot of time, effort and work into this and you deserve the time to finalize things.

    When I was a kid, I saw someone on TV who had put a piece of wood in a bottle then put screws and nails through the wood. I was amazed at this and this stuck with me for a long time, until I decided to have a go for myself and succeeded. I made two or three. I was questioned about how I did it, but I never let on. It had taken me a number of years to think about how to do it, so to give up the secret so easily was not a thing to do lightly. I have still never told anyone how I did it!

    So what I am saying is that I understand and appreciate your keeping things to yourself. Spill only when the time is right for you.


  2. When you're ready, John. Not a problem here. Interesting on the 15 degree move and long lever. A bit of a pentagraph type effect it seems. Looking forward to the results and no matter what.....thanks for the ride! I wouldn't have know about this were it not for you.


  3. Great, John! I completely agree with the posts here from mr. Davies and Williams. I knew you would keep your word. More power to you!

  4. Still with you John, take you time and do it properly. When you would feel you finaly reached point you feel ready ...give it a go.

    Take care


  5. Hi John,

    when do you think you will publish an excerpt on www.gravitywheel.com?

    And I'm still a firm supporter of your work and appreciate all your publications and efforts to date. (PS, just hurry up! LOL)

  6. Thanks guys! Damian, I dare not estimate when the stuff appears on gravitywheel, having been so wrong in all previous estimates - but I am working on it as we speak and once the wheel is finished I'll be able to devote more time to it. I just wish there were more hours in the day! It will be there is quckly as i can manage it.


  7. After lots of thought about the psyche of John Collins, I have come to the following conclusions:

    a.) John, if you 100% believe that you have solved Bessler's Wheel, then you would release your information today. It would be such a world changing event and you would never need to worry about trimming your shrubs again. You could spend the rest of your days in luxury from the fame and fortune with your children and grandchildren. You could write books or do whatever you want. Since you must know these things, you must not feel 100% positive that you have solved it.

    b.) Deep down inside, you know that if you publish your findings, and they prove to be incorrect, the game will be over. There will always be a few followers of your blog, but very few will be interested any more.

    So here are my suggestions:

    a.) Publish now and get it over with.
    b.) Publicly declare that you do not know if you have the solution and that you will be tinkering with your wheel for the next few years hoping to discover it.

    I suggest you do not say that you know you have figured it out but you wish you had more time to work on it. Do not say that it is so, so close. Just talk about other interesting things on your blog. Tell your family or others close to you about your progress. And when you are satisfied that you know the answer, release it. Do not keep torturing everyone. It is not nice. By the way, I know that you are not doing it intentionally and I know that you are very excited. But, you have to remember that words mean things.

  8. If JC sir really knew the complete bessler wheel solution he would have definitely succeeded in building the wheel by now because of the simplicity of the bessler wheel's internal mechanism.

    So one thing that is quite clear is that he doesn't have the complete solution.

    Another thing that is clear from his frequent claims is that he knows how the bessler wheel worked.

    How is it possible that despite knowing how the wheel worked he still doesn't possess the complete knowledge to build one.

    Can all this be attributed to lack of time or lack of true understanding or insufficient knowledge of the actual solution.

    Well, whatever it is..it should all be worth the wait at the end..

  9. there is no doubt John believes he has it, there was little doubt Bessler believed he had it. What there is a LOT of doubt about is whether this is even a possibility.

    The thing about truth (which should, but too often does not, equate to science) is: someone truly seeking it should never be afraid to present their work for review & critique. While it is true that critics can be wrong, weak contradictions only act to remove doubt for those truly qualified on the matter. This is true of science and religion. In fact the two are one & the same. So beware of any preacher who withholds evidence he claims to have ... whether he preaches science or religion. In fact, as faith without works is dead, so is a sermon without a demonstration. People lie, nature doesn't. So far nature has proven consistently that Bessler lied. It's only the people that were fooled. If it looks like a duck...

  10. Wind, Bessler did not lie, his wheels worked, too many intelligent witnesses saw them working, for too long, to have been fooled - some of the greatest minds of his time witnessed his wheels working.
    But I think John should publish what he has. If he has the majority of the solution, the person who finally works out what was stopping it from working successfully isn't going to take all the limelight. It might require just one person to see John's ideas, to find the rest of the solution.

  11. I quite agree..Bessler did not lie...Bessler just wanted the money...But if JC sir publishes his ideas then it is not going to be his baby anymore..he will have no more control over it..somebody would claim the entire thing...How is he going to benefit if he publishes what he knows?

    As long as this is not sorted out he is definitely not going to publish the entire thing..

    The dilemma here with him is the same as Bessler was in..Bessler wheel is possible...it is simple..it requires natural thinking and pure intentions and a little bit of luck or what we might call as god's support..

    The proper spacing of 8 levers inside..the correct design of the weights and the levers..matters a lot..

    JC sir badly requires someone who can bail him out…someone who can assist him..someone who can steer or put him on the right tracks…

  12. "some of the greatest minds of his time"

    You mean the time when the word gravity didn't even exist? Don't get me wrong, I highly respect the inventiveness of the "greatest minds of his time" however, I can assure you that those great minds were more vulnerable to deception than even mediocre minds of our time, and even nowadays frauds can gain large audiences of even smart people. The key lies with controlling the demonstration.

    "Bessler did not lie." Anyone who can make this statement is no scientist at all.

  13. We have already arrived at a point which has made it quite clear that bessler's story was true.... JC sir's research has proved this long back..its just that we are not able to get this wheel turning at the moment..otherwise we wouldn't be here at all..

  14. I appreciate the sentiment that I might need 'bailing out', but I am ok, thanks Suresh. I'm writing my web site and will post it when its finished and in the meantime finish my wheel to discover if it works or not. If someone else should succeed either through what I posted or despite it, I have a book ready for publication (almost)that I think I can get a publisher to take on.


  15. Why are you wasting your time with your book and website?! Is that more important than the wheel!?

    Quote Suresh: " JC sir's research has proved this long back "

    Ohhh Really, and what proves that Bessler wasn't a fake?! .. Were you there!?

  16. Yes, are the book and website more important than a working wheel?
    First demonstrate the wheel working in software, then build it. That is absolute common sense. Nobody else would waste years of their time, actually building prototypes, without producing a computer model first. That is the whole point of computer models.
    I think you're afraid that it won't work on the computer, which is why you keep coming up with excuses for not using one. (Excuses that aren't convincing either. You can think in exactly the same way when constructing a computer model, as you can when constructing a real model- except that you can construct the computer model in minutes, rather than months...)

  17. The book's already written and the website is for publishing what everyone has been askng me to publish. In the mean time I shall continue to build the wheel and maybe it will work or not.

    As for using simulation software, you'll be able to test it yourself soon.



  18. "In the mean time I shall continue to build the wheel and maybe it will work or not."

    I thought you had found the solution months ago, and were on the point of producing a working wheel, with patents?

  19. One fine day this is going to work...one of us is going to build it anyway soon...whether drawing help from JC sir's publishing or not..Only thing is that we have to get the right things in place...most of the clues are out except one or two major clues, the core ones of course.

    It is not JC sirs fault...almost everyone in this field becomes cocksure while building the wheel that his design is going to succeed..and sometimes thereby publicly comments that he has got the solution..let us not taunt anymore.

    The argument or explanation by JC sir about bessler wheel not breaking any laws is damn good but without a working model it is not making much headway..

    The occasional clues given out by him so far is also not of much help to the tinkerer..his recent video is also not of any help..maybe one can find something in his forth coming publishing..

    What one should realize is that if he really thinks that he can succeed then only he should go for building it....there is no point in dragging the matter after making public announcements...a bessler like end situation should be avoided at any cost....

  20. Clues!? What clues!? .. I saw no answers in these clues, it's vague, doesn't help one bit toward the solution.. Usual Bessler's non-sense..

    Bessler clues and hints are a scam.. There's nothing of value in there and he say's it himself!

    Think about it for 1 second.. He posted clues to his working wheel and at the same time, he shows that he values studying and working out the solution..

    Why, oh why, would he provide clues when he was asking an insane amount of money to sell his wheel.. it doesn't make sense.. He should have told the way it works to make his name stands out in history.. I believe it was an elaborate scam..

    And what was that, he destroyed his wheel in fear that someone saw the workings.. !? .. Are you kidding me!? .. Seriously.... I would never destroy a machine I built, I would hide it or something.. He destroyed it to prevent anybody from seeing what a scam it was!

    And some more non-sense, why did he built another one!? .. Doesn't make any sense.

    Anyways, I hope perpetual motion exists, but I doubt Bessler was the one to possess the knowledge.. The quest for gravity driven wheel is indeed interesting, but I don't understand why someone would limit his work because of one dead dude in 1700s ..

    I say, if John have something of any value, it's time NOW to publicize, not tomorrow (or more accurately never), right now.. Or else, just keep it to yourself and tell it as it is ..

    I kept following this blog and John's family issues and all that non-interesting non-sense, because John promised to finish his wheel in a couple of days..

    It's been more than a Year.. Why am I still here you might ask!? .. I still feel the need to justify all that time I spent searching for the wheel..

    When John is over with his idea, I am out of this game for real..
    I don't understand why someone would spend his entire life on this.. I've spent some years and now I believe there must be other way to achieve free energy, not just gravity.

    And btw, there are thousands and thousands of people searching for it everyday on other forums, in other forms.. and yet, nobody found it..

    Is there really free energy?!

  21. I believe that Bessler was genuinely honest and the wheel did work. He only destroyed it because it was too big to hide and every body knew where it was. I know the wheel will work because after dicovering the principle it makes the wheel possible. The tricky mechanics is the key, if you don't every thing just right, it will not work. Even the clues are so relevant. Such things as the peacock's tail and the lively children playing with loud heavy clubs, it's all there, just think about it.

  22. @Suresh said...
    “The proper spacing of 8 levers inside. The correct design of the weights and the levers matters a lot….”
    Not 5 levers … ?!
    Everything is 55 and 5 en now it is 8

    Drawing of Pentagon on Bessler’s Code (See Below) has more shapes than 2, and they are more convincing.
    John you forgot some lines in the drawing to make the Pentagram. I think you did that on purpose so you do not give an extra hint for the other shapes.

    “Both of these pictures have another geometric figure incorporated in them. The reason for not exploring it now is that it forms a key to yet another area of coded information secreted within both these drawing”

    15° is wrong … it’s 18°

    In any case you are doing a good job of pursuing the quest for the Perpetuum Mobile. I will wait in patient ore I will beat you to it ….

    Looking forward to reading your book soon …

    “The only Perpetuum is the search for it”

    Thagre Oehlarry

    Ps. There is a lot more (Look at his picture drawing for a hidden 55) etc .. etc ..

  23. Eight sounds were heard in every rotation and this clearly indicates eight weights...

  24. Yeah as if that proves anything..
    It proves you have a good imagination!

    Here's an experiment for all of you, start your lawnmower engine and listen to the mechanism and try to recreate it using only what you hear ..


  25. Does not any body listen to what I say! The secret is found not in degrees or the critical placing of weights, as Bessler said. If you can get just too weights to revolve,then you can get eight to work more smoothly...comprhende compardre.

  26. Captain Obvious just made a statement Everyone!

  27. I agree with you here, Trevor...If one really wants to achieve success in this field he has to start from the scratch and not rely on someone else's clues...One should be very passionate, too..

    Nobody has succeeded after Bessler because Bessler himself did not want anyone to discover the same easily...Bessler made it look complicated...it was because of Karl that we know it was simple..

    The other reason why no one could succeed is because no one has hit upon the sole design, i.e,. bessler design so far..

    Gravity is very promising...see how the sea bulges due to the moon's gravity pull and falls back creating waves endlessly due to earth's gravity..If gravity can do this to the great waters it can also easily turn a wheel...

    Man has designed engine to use oil for producing energy, he has designed motor to use electricity, he designed windmill to tap wind energy, but, so far, he has failed (except bessler) to make a gravity wheel to tap gravity...

    It is just a matter of proper designing, it is also just a matter of time before he can achieve this...

  28. Believe me,all the clues point exactly which way to go.We have to think out of the box and even when you stumble on the clue you must lock onto it,or doubt will creep in.Even Bessler's first attempt seemed as if it would not go at all.It's the mechanical design that may require a little finesse.

  29. John Collins said...

    Listen guys, please chill out. I'll have the results posted any day now. With all this negativity I sometimes wonder why I bother at all. I live a very busy life, and now that the snow all gone from winter one might think there would be no problem but don't forget I live in London and England is a very rainy place. The moisture causes the tools in my shed-workspace to swell at times so I can't always get into the shop. Not to mention I can't let my family down and need to be there everytime I get invited for a free vacation to Spain. So like I've been saying, definately some time this year I'll have it all up and running. Till then a clue. The shorter arm causes one weight to fly upwards, and here the imbalance is seen.

  30. "I'll have the results posted any day now."

    "The moisture causes the tools in my shed-workspace to swell at times so I can't always get into the shop."

    "like I've been saying, definately some time this year I'll have it all up and running."

    The results of what? If it's not going to be up and running till some time this year?
    Tools swelling? What are they made of? Sponge? Are we supposed to believe this nonsense? Buy tools that don't swell up then!!! How did Bessler manage? I wonder if his tools swelled up...

  31. Now come on anon - I never said that as well you know! :-)


  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. I love this blog, it's hilarious.

  34. It's not hilarious, it's pathetic! .. Keeping an open mind is ok, but trusting a dead guy from the 1700s like he is god, that my friend, is fucking lame! ..

    "Believe me,all the clues exactly point which way to go.You have to think out the box "

    Thinking outside the box by limiting oneself to the poems of a dead guy of the 1700s.. Yeah that's out of the box!!

    Hey guys, I believe I've found a clue on this blog, 4 .. yes 4 .. THere are 4 corners to this text box I am writing into.. It's on a bessler's blog, it MUST be a clue! .

    His wheel wasn't round it was a square!

  35. John Collins said...

    Hi guys, yes this is the real me and no I'm not an anon quoting myself. I have no choice but to type like this at the moment, I'm at a local pub downing a few pints and sucking back a few ice lollies, trying to beat the heat and hiding out from the wife for a few days and for some reason the system here won't allow me to log in under my actual handle. Yes the rain causes some tools in my shop to swell, like the table I am working on and the board I am using to fix my mechanisms onto. When that happenes they won't swing right. And once the wood of the hammer I was using swelled so much it broke the iron right off. Well, the screens going a little blurry, so I'm sending this in. Till tomorrow then or in a few days from now, you never know. Thanks all for the words of encourgment,and LustInBlack, I know you still love me. But please, don't go giving out any more hints. Leave that too me.

  36. It seems,everybody is gravitating towards ORFFYREUS,BLACK HOLE.

  37. God I hope not.

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