Saturday, 31 March 2012

The answer lies in Gravity, a source of energy that's free.

Bessler stated that the weights are "themselves the PM device, the essential constituent parts which must of necessity continue to exercise their motive force (derived from the PM principle) indefinitely – so long as they keep away from the centre of gravity".

I don't see how anyone can deny the obvious truth here, that the machine required only the presence of gravity to operate continuously. I have spent many years researching the facts about gravity and I remain utterly convinced that, despite the strongest remonstrations from scientists, teachers and other experts, not forgetting most Bessler fans, there is no reason for thinking otherwise.  I have read all the arguments,and I understand the reasoning and I still disagree with their findings in this regard.  There is a way to use gravity alone - no other force being required - and I know what it is.

It seems strange that gravity is dismissed in this way.  Historically mankind has instinctively known that gravity could provide the answer and yet science has outlawed it as a potential energy enabler.  I have offered numerous analogies to explain why it is a possible and they have been disregarded.  No-one seems to get it, that an analogy is an alternative way of explaining something which is not clear. You don't actually apply a microscopic analysis to an analogy, you just get the general picture. Professor Eric Laithwaite, who I once had the honour to meet, suggested that analogies were the the best form of explanation.  He  loved to use the art of analogy to explain awkward scientific concepts.

A simple example of an analogy is to liken the heart to a pump, or plumbing to electricity - every one understands that when we say electricity running through wires is like water running through pipes, it is an analogy and not to be taken literally.  So when I say that gravity is like a current of water or wind, carrying everything along with it that isn't fixed, there is no point in directing my attention to the fact that wind is generated by pressure changes in the atmosphere, or that flowing water originated from the sun's action causing evaporation, condensation, rain etc.  These things are irrelevant to the analogy.   

As many will know, I have been claiming for a long time that I know the secret of Bessler's wheel and I will share the information as soon as I have tested it out on a prototype  - before the 6th June this year.  I will publish the details, even if I can't make it work for me, because I know without a doubt that I have the secret and if I can't prove it with a working model, then perhaps my efforts will result in someone else succeeding and that people will recognise my original input. But even more I hope my prototype works.  The design of the mechanism is drawn from Bessler's text and images.  In my forthcoming publications, website and video, I will explain everything, where the clues came from and what they mean and why I am so certain that I'm right.

I do not know what will happen when I publish the details but I am content to await the outcome, whatever it may be, after thee hundred years it's time.



  1. "I will share the information as soon as I have tested it out on a prototype - before the 6th June this year." yeah...


    Where have we heard this before?

    Oh yes. I remember now. This very blog, about a year ago. Why the 6th June? Why not now? Because it doesn't work, that's why. You'll waste weeks of your time on a physical model, which won't work, rather than just putting it into a computer model, because you don't know how to use a computer program. Pathetic.

  2. ...and what will you say if the model works or the published design leads to a working model?


  3. John,.. Your contribution in providing us with knowledge and subsequent awareness of Bessler and his invention has been invaluable.
    Without your efforts we would never have progressed as far as we have.

  4. I totally agree with Trevor's observations John though I understand the anonymous posters reticence & waning patience.

    You have earned & cemented your place in history regardless of the information & conclusions you provide on or about the 6th June 2012 in support of your theory, whether ultimately right or wrong.

    If someone else is able to take the baton to the finish line & make a 'Gravity Only' free energy wheel your herculean contribution will be inescapable - of course, & rightly so, so will Bessler's, if it indeed a functioning wheel results - you have been the modern day inspiration & vanguard for so many who would otherwise flounder hopelessly.

    It will turn physics on its head & myself included will gladly acknowledge my very misplaced dissonance.

    I salute you & your most moral of decisions - until the 6th.


  5. Why the 6th June? Why the ridiculously long wait - yet again?
    I believe Bessler's Wheel was real. I don't believe John has the answer.

    I see you can't explain why you don't use a computer program to test your design, and thus save yourself weeks of work...

    1. John doesn't believe in simulation programs - he has said that many times, believing that any 'bug' is an instant show stopper, meaning that the whole program is unreliable - that's not the case but it is his prerogative to believe so - some here will sim a simplified version of his ideas to test against his real build results, whatever they may be.

      6th June 2012 is only a couple of months away - is takes a long time to make a video that won't be open to criticism, write detailed accurate explanations, drawings, proof read everything & cross-check references to Bessler's works etc, in a thorough & professional way - most of all allow time to catch your breath & revisit everything to see that you haven't left any glaring holes or omissions due to being rushed at the last minute - I suspect he'll need a good part of that remaining 2 months, given other commitments we all have called 'life & family'.

      Most here can wait 2 more months even if you can't - I have the distinct feeling that John won't pass this deadline.


  6. Bill Mothershead2 April 2012 at 04:46

    Hey, all you "Anonymous" posters, BACK OFF !!

    I already gave him a hard time over on the Besslerwheel forum
    and I have kinda felt bad about it ever since.

    It's only 2 months. Let's stay positive on this and hope for the best.

    Whatever happens, it will be well worth the wait.

    God speed, John Collins.

  7. John,
    Don't listen to the "Anonymous" poster, if they're not prepared to give their names, what's the point of their post. I have been following the Bessler story for many years and it's "you" who has brought more public interest than any other....As Bill said..."God Speed.

    Brett Smith.

  8. Thank you guys, very much appreciated! I do understand anon's scepticism, I've made a number of similar announcements in the past and I had resolved not to do so again, however I think I have the answer to the problem this time and anyway I'm not making any more working models after this time, win or lose.


  9. "Whatever happens, it will be well worth the wait"

    No it won't, he did exactly the same thing last year (or was it the year before), and then, surprise surprise, it didn't work. I was shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you.

    "if they're not prepared to give their names, what's the point of their post."

    The three wise monkeys, presumably.

    Why not just post up what your solution is. Somebody can then put it into a simulation program, and you'll know whether it works or not.

    But actually, just seeing the solution should be enough to KNOW it works - which is why Bessler was so secretive about the inside of the wheel. Remember what he said about the carpenter's boy. If you saw it for just a few minutes, you would know how it worked, and THAT it worked.

    Why the 6th June. Why not now? Why not tell us what you have now?

    Because it doesn't work.

  10. My principle is too complex for any simulator program to handle .

  11. Hi, everyone!

    Well, I haven't been able to post anything here since that latest "appearance upgrade" a week ago. Everytime I try to post a comment, my browser either crashes or the comment field just goes blank! Fortunately, I can still read the blogs and comments of others even though I can not contribute like I used to. At first I thought it was because my IP addresses had been blocked as part of a "wrong tracker" conspiracy to silence my attempts to get as many people on the "right track" with me as possible, but now I think it's just a browser incompatibility issue. I'm posting this on a friend's laptop with an updated browser and everything seems to be working okay.

    I certainly do hope that JC has found THE secret, but, as I've said before, if it does not have 8 weighted levers, at least 40 interconnecting cords and 8 springs, and NOTHING on the axle, then it won't have a snowflake's chance in hell of keeping the CoM of its weights on the wheel's descending side. I would drop dead from shock if he had ANYTHING other than this that actually worked!

    I will continue to monitor this blog and occasionally try to post using my friend's laptop when possible. June 6th is coming up quick. As soon as John publishes his design, I will have it modeled to see what it's potential is. IF it looks VERY impressive, I might switch over to his track. IF, however, it proves to be a bitter disappointment, then, hopefully, he and others will FINALLY get on the "right track" with me and a handful of others.

    Good luck everyone!

  12. Sorry to hear you're having trouble commenting technoguy. I don't understand why but I hope you find a way that doesn't involve you having to continue using other people's computers. I find using Chrome seem to work ok, if IE is having problems.

    1. I also had problems, and had to use Chrome on my old computer, (running Vista). This is another attempt from my new computer, (IE9, Windows 7).

  13. @ Technoguy

    Wondered what had happened to you.

    Just a quick note to let you know that I found my ‘missing quote’

    I had convinced myself that it was in AP or DT and I was even starting to think I had dreamed it; however I was right; it was in the notes accompanying MT 41. I had simply ‘paraphrased’ it in my memory.

    I am very aware that 6th June is coming up quick: get ready to switch track!


  14. Hey, I'm trying to comment now using my outdated browsers and, incredibily, it looks like it's working! Someone somewhere must have pushed the right key and it's working again for me. Hope it lasts! I tried installing Google Chrome after reading that it only takes "a few seconds". Yeah, IF you have a broadband connection. With a dialup connection it takes over 3 HOURS! NO THANKS!

    @ JW

    Yeah, it had to be MT 41. Expanding a scissor jack horizontally always uses less energy than doing it vertically.

    BTW, have you guys found the MANY spring symbols in the first and second DT portraits yet? No? You're not looking hard enough! LOL!


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