Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Where are Our Academic Peers?

Another brief beef about the system!

We often complain about the problem of trying to get people to at least consider Johann Bessler's claims in a more open minded way, but in an age of highly defined specialisation, there is a widespread intolerance for ideas that originate outside of ‘official’ university-based frameworks.

There is also a general assumption that if a new theory collides with a preferred paradigm it must be wrong. If you are not toeing the conventional line you are a pseudoscientist. This is academic mudslinging that rejects those who hold a reasoned counter-view.

The world of science is surely an amazing place and in my opinion, one of the most fascinating aspects of life both now and historically. It is a pity that so few people in academia actually use the real principles of open minded consideration of all evidential material, no matter how contradictory it may seem when compared to the current paradigm.

The definition of an academic is someone who has been trained in a given discipline and is subsequently employed by a university to teach and possibly conduct research in that subject. They are expected to work procedurally, to apply scientific testing to their logic and to comply with conventional protocol. This includes the process of peer review prior to the possible publication of new information in academic journals.

But we, who seek to prove that Bessler’s work was genuine, have no academic peers, so we cannot be reviewed and therefore our work cannot be directly published by any of the academic journals.

But.....even if we did somehow become part of an academic peer group, we would have to offer an explanation, if only in the most general terms, showing theoretically how and why Bessler's wheel did not conflict with the current laws of physics. Alternatively demonstrate a working model - have I said that before once or twice?!



  1. You might have said that before, once or twice..or three times. A nice description of a classic "Catch 22". A replica of Bessler's wheel, thus created by a person outside of academia is the only way to our goal.. Even his (and his peers) codes is outside of academia, and suffer the same faith..

  2. I agree with you John. The only thing that will satisfy the Academic community is a working wheel, that can be mathematically explained. While there are a number of us out here that would jump on the bandwagon to get the wheel out into the hands of the people that will actually put it to use and send praises for the accomplishment, there will be a faction that has a different agenda and we must guide the announcement and implementation with open eyes and courage

  3. For me the importance of Bessler is that he showed what was possible. How he did is interesting but secondary.

    I also believe he made a pact with the devil and that studying his works will only lead you astray. I know that is not a popular view. :-)


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