Friday, 1 October 2021

Johann Bessler Struggled to Sell his Wheel - He’d Sell It Now!

I think Johann Bessler’s wheel was doomed from the start, because he was way too soon.  And there were events happening which were destined to impede his progress.

Johann Bessler first demonstrated his remarkable gravity-enabled perpetual motion machine in Gera, on 6th June 1712.

Thomas Newcomen demonstrated his amazing steam engine in Tipton, near Birmingham, England in 1712 too.  

The latter was based on the work done by Denis Papin’s steam digester and pressure cooker, who died just one year after the two demonstrations took place - in 1713.

Denis Papin worked with Karl the Landgrave of Hesse, who supported his steam experiments.  Johann Bessler also benefitted from the Landgrave’s patronage. Newcomen benefitted from Papin’s work with Karl.

Karl also attempted to get information about Newcomen’s steam engine, but the inventor was as close-mouth about its workings as Bessler was. 

The two types of machine were obviously different, and one, the Newcomen, was clearly effective at pumping water.  Bessler’s machine was never going to have the capacity to pump as much water from such a depth as Newcomen’s steam engine.  Bessler demonstrated his machine’s lifting ability but apart from pumping water for fountains, the Carillon and a submarine with an air pump, it was difficult to find a genuinely beneficial use for it.  Bessler himself initially thought his machine would be able to pump water out of flooded mines, something that the Newcomen’s engine had show itself as far more proficient.

The Newcomen engine was developed into James Watt’s much improved and highly successful steam engine. Andrew Gordon, a Scottish scientist described an electric motor in his paper, Philosophia utilis et jucunda (1745), the same year that Bessler died, and the invention developed slowly along side the steam engine.

The internal combustion arrived in 1876, and also ran along side the steam engine and the electric motor.  Then the steam engine gradually gave way to the gas engine, and the electric motor went it’s own way, until very recently.

Bessler’s machine arrived more than 300 years ahead of its time.  It couldn’t compete with steam, coal or petroleum.  But now oil is running out, the climate is getting warmer because of steam, coal and oil……now it’s time for Bessler’s machine.

There wasn’t a need for his wheel when he demonstrated it and there hasn’t been  one between then and now. With fossil fuels on the way out, alternatives too costly, not available globally, there is only the one solution.  Bessler’s wheel’s time has come.

PS, in light of my decision to delete any further comments by Ken B where he promotes his book, or his videos, I am putting a clickable link to his website.  I hope he accepts this and stops promoting his book here.



  1. But, Who will pay 100,000 Oz. of silver for it--------------------------Sam

  2. I agree, it's been long over due-----------------------------Sam

  3. I wonder who else offers cash incentives, and can take it to market ?

  4. Good link, Sam. I might add it somewhere here for the lucky person who solves the puzzle we all work at.


  5. JC sir, I beg to differ here...IMHO, the situation is still the same as it was then with Bessler...

    Any agency or a foundation would first insist on seeing the internal mechanism and it is here the nightmare begins... the inventor may no be prepared for is all due to the wheel's simplicity... there is a looming risk of losing of the secret or it even getting leaked prematurely...

    Do you realize how much criticism and disbelief exists right here in our blog when sometimes someone talks sense...we aren't capable of judging a possible case...he doesn't get due regard... How much suppression happens...if you ask me, a real person wouldn't easily reveal it all so easily under the prevailing circumstances...

    Discovering the actual secret may not be so much complex when it is compared with actually revealing of the secret... perhaps, the real reason for this lies in the wheel's future impact... I think the time is not ripe yet... The release of the knowledge about BW has to happen in a gradual manner with support from someone of Karl calibre...

    1. I agree with you Suresh, although it wouldn’t matter to me because I would give the secret away publicly anyway. But for those who prefer to keep their secret safe, James Dyson is a man of honour and provides legal protection automatically, so your concerns would be adequately met.


  6. And there would be others like James Dyson, in every country. Men sufficiently well healed, and secure, to not bow to 'pressures', and be of honour and integrity.

    The real question is does a Bessler solution have any real economic or historical impact, enough for these people to get excited about paying you something, taking its R&D on, and take it to market etc. Some would do it just to flip the bird to the 'man' I suspect, because they are entrepreneurs and clawed their way to the top of their fields, despite their governments and regimes etc.

    Interestingly, James Dyson is an engineer who owned a ball bearing factory. While making ball bearing he spun them in a centrifuge to separate out the dust from the steel balls for packaging. At home he remembered the hassle of changing the dust bags in his 'hoover'. Where he emptied the bag only to find that even empty still they would not suck - the filter holes were blocked which was the problem that needed fixing. So he thought back to his commercial centrifuge and decided to reinvent the vacuum cleaner, to bagless and a mini centrifuge. 1 year later and 5000 changes to his knocked-up prototype he had something reasonably efficient - and what we know today as the Dyson.

    Have you redesigned the 'hoover' ?


  7. Just imagine this, man lands on an alien planet and finds that there's no enough starlight or natural sources of energy to sustain except Gravity...or simply he wants to set up research equipment permanently in such remote places...

    BW will be a boon in these situations, isn't it?... Even in some remote places on earth like in the polar regions BW can prove its worth... Even under the sea or on top of a mountain or desert areas, for that matter...

    BW can go on performing locked up underground saving valuable land space...

    Now the actual question is where do we find a real personality like the Karl to look after the inventor's interests...

    BW faced too much difficulty in trying to sell the wheel... That problem still exists today... Although, JC sir trusts Dyson sir so much but what if the inventor still stands to lose at the end of it all...

    Bessler even offered his head vouching his honesty... Did it work?...and despite all the support provided by Karl we all know what happened ultimately... I find some taboo attached with BW... Why Chinese are not interested in this?...

    In my case, the wheel's mystery is no problem at all but for the selling part...

    Great clues are in the poetry... The problem is most of us are not very open to this... I realised this when I posed the question on this blog sometime back about the children playing among pillars... No one here could shed any light on it...

    Bessler was genuine and so are his clues in the poem... many still haven't figured out the wheel's energy source either... some have already perished in pursuing this simple mystery...and some more will in the future...

    There's some mysterious angle to this... 300 years have passed and still we haven't worked it out... The government authorities and eminent scientists turn the other side when confronted with this Bessler Idea...

    Bhaskara and leonardo da vinci too worked on it much before Bessler but couldn't crack it... Bessler solved it but took it with him... After that, men of such caliber are hard to find...

    I think a different approach is the need of the hour... We need to realise and try to understand if we are the right kind of people for such a quest?...

  8. SK said ... "I realised this when I posed the question on this blog sometime back about the children playing among pillars... No one here could shed any light on it..."

    The accurate translation from Stewart since 2009 (and IIRC verified by native German speakers as likely) is ...

    Die Kinder spielen auf den SÃulgen
    Mit lauter schweren Schniebe-KÃulgen;

    the children play on the small columns
    with loud heavy marbles;

    Applying Situational Awareness we might look for a common thread to make connections relating to the wheel interior. Children. And so from Wagner in his 2nd Critique we get ...

    "Finally, Herr Orffyreus supposedly gets to the root of the matter when he asserts that children in the lane play with his perpetual motion or so-called superior force."

    Some attribute that common street game to the game of street marbles. A more tangible alternative imo is a common street game of the time, then and now, seen to be using a demonstrable force. The game of running beside a rolling hoop keeping it upright with a stick and tapping it along i.e. Hoop Rolling.


  9. A large spinning wheel can have little energy and a large quantity of momentum. But when the motion of this wheel is given to a small mass the momentum remains the same; and the energy massively increases. This is the secret of the spinning wheel.

  10. Hoop rolling explanation here in context with BW's interior is interesting but it is not the one that Bessler meant...

    Bessler is giving us an insight of his wheel's internal mechanism... Which is nothing but weights and levers... These parts inside play the great secret game which results in wheel motion...they act in pairs and one falls followed by another...

    Weights are referred to as children and levers as columns or pillars...

    You got to be careful and mentally sharp here and detest from making wild guesses... It greatly helps to think like Bessler...

    The entire act inside is enacted or played by these weights and levers... Their interaction... Their the unstoppable performance that keeps the wheel going...

    In order to unravel this secret we need to correctly learn to work out this secret action inside...

    Bessler has tried his best to be very honest while he was describing this movement inside the wheel... however, he was also careful not to over reveal..

    Similarly, the crab description also refers to the swinging inside... the horizontal movement of the and fro, forward and backward...

  11. A 30 kilogram wheel spinning one meter per second can throw a 1 kg mass 30 meters per second. At 30 meters per second the one kilogram will rise 45.8 meters. The one kilogram mass can accelerate a 29 kilogram wheel to 5.47 m/sec. This is 30 kilograms (wheel and dropped mass) moving 5.47 times faster than with what you started.

  12. How do you ensure that a 30 kg wheel spins one metre per second automatically in the first place ?...

    You need that secret Bessler mechanism inside...

    And, how that secret mechanism operates is what we should be discussing here, Delburt...

    1. You give it a push; just like Bessler did.

      Understanding the principal upon which the mechanism worked is fundamental to cracking its design. But there will be much more powerful machines.

  13. After all these years are you finally going to tell us SK?

  14. Well, definitely Yes, if assured the kind of protection that Karl offered... We need lift the veil off this age old mystery, sooner or later...

    I have been maintaining this secret for about 30 years or afraid that it may go the bw way...aging fast...

    Why not we work out a way wherein some kind of a trust be formed?...

    1. Publish your design in code Suresh, then you can reveal all in your own good time, meanwhile the cipher experts can play with your code to try and break it.


  15. Great suggestion Sir...neither I am good at codes nor with building skills... but I am having good time in mind with the success thoughts... A sense of achievement...

    Gone are the days I had been simply imagining most of the time... Trying to figure out how the mechanism worked... So many sleepless nights... Would get up in the middle of the night often and resume the thought process...

    I strongly recommend one to carry out intense thought experiments... One should never build till one has formed a mental picture of the mechanism required for that secret movement...
    Keep on thinking and thinking... while traveling, while performing duties, even while in the loo... Sincere efforts will definitely pay great day...

    The very sense of achievement itself is so much fulfilling...

    I am much relieved to see Ken go... The problem with him is that he is oblivious to the fact that his idea is just next to nothing...he is not only fooling others but also himself... Very difficult to convince such guys... The time he spends arguing with others can well be spent in refiguring out the the bw secret... That way he wud be a gainer...

    An auspicious time will definitely come for Bessler wheel secret revelation... We have survived Covid so far... This itself is a major success... I have seen a few of my colleagues perish... We are still not out of risk...

    BW will have its own utilities... I am always thinking of a Bessler perpetual toy on every desk to say the least...

    One can easily understand the bw energy source and the discriptions in the poem after one has figured out the mysterious bw mechanism... And, till then, it would be hard to convince others... We should be prepared to face brickbats from others... Even though it is so much simple figuring it out isn't... Takes so many years... It still doesn't matter so much as long as one is on the right track...

    Once in a while, some noteworthy facts come up on this blog... I am not sure if someone is maintaining a log... It would be useful, isn't it?...

    1. "The problem with him is that he is oblivious to the fact that his idea is just next to nothing...he is not only fooling others but also himself... Very difficult to convince such guys..."

      You said the exact same thing about JC and others here in the past. Until you can show a working wheel or a working sim of a wheel all you really have is a private delusion which is only fooling you. It doesn't fool anyone else here because most tuned you out a long time ago.

  16. I think we all realize that Bessler must have flipped a mass upward inside of his machine. Here; the large wheel transferred a portion of its motion to the small mass. This transfer is demonstrated by despin devices (Dawn Mission yo-yo despin).

    The time that the small mass rises is less than the time that the force of the small mass drives the wheel.

    But Besslers energy output is restricted by the limited size of the wheel. You can throw past the wheel; upwards, 30 or more meters. This rise will let the machines compete with hydroelectric plants.

  17. Good day Mr Suresh. I'd like to ask you why you haven't built the wheel. I'd honestly like to know what's holding you back?
    I'd been visiting this blog for years and for years now I've been convinced that you know the secret. You more than any other person on here and elsewhere seem to have figured it out. I ve pored over your comments thousands of time and I become more and more convinced that you know the solution. Sometimes I come here just to read your comments.
    Others may see your postulaions and thoughts a s gibberish but not me, I also have an intuitive mind the person I believe is closest to finding the solution is you( that's if you haven't already)
    So I ask, why haven't you done it.
    Your descriptions is so vivid and enlightening, only those who are truly enlightened would grasp the things you say.
    Me I am already convinced. I believe you have the answer, you can only try convince me otherwise and I wont buy it.
    Which leads me to think there is a reason why you haven't done it. If it's not so personal, would you mind sharing.
    I'd just like to know

  18. I rarely comment here.
    I would like to say this though, much respect to John Collins, you are an inspiration. To hold on to an ideal absent certainty for more than 60 years is in itself an achievement. Hats off to you JC

    About Bessler, I'm kinda on the fence about him. I cant say if he was genuine or not but one thing I can say is that it would be unfair to give him credit if an eventual perpetual motion machine is built. I believe his clues were more to obscure not educate,
    It would be unjust for someone else to toil and come up with a runner and then say "you are number two, bessler did it first" without considering that such a person might have never even come across the name Bessler before.
    Also, if the solution were found, the Bessler enthusiasts would try as hard to fit the clue to the machine.
    Bessler clues were vague at best, for example saying there 'The machine's power was directly proportional to its diameter'- duh, ofcourse it has to be. We all know the further an object is from the axis the more force it exerts.
    Another example is saying as one weight give a downward movement there is another giving an upward movement/impetus. Have you ever seen an object rotate? Ofcourse one side goes down as the other side goes up. That's what rotation is.
    I believe there is harm and good in following bessler clues, good because if he was genuine, then it helps people go closer to the right path, harm because if he was false, otherwise brilliant intelligent and innovative people would be running around in circles chasing a phantom instead of using their God given imagination.
    It's one of the demerits I first noticed about the whole Bessler ish. Innovators become code-breakers instead of just being innovators, we spend all that time trying to decipher clues and codes and portraits and poems and others( why would Bessler even deliberately try to mislead people if he wanted genuine posthumous acknowledgement: that's not sincere)

    And who's to say there is only one solution?
    We are all familiar with history. Once something that was impossible becomes possible then everyone can do it, because they know it can be done. It's like the psychological barrier shatters. I wont be surprised if so many variations of a Perpetual motion wheel starts springing up here and there once one person successfully does it.

    Imagine. Innovate .
    Hold on to bessler clues but not to tight.
    The reason I would like to believe that Bessler was genuine is because knowing it has been done before helps to make the task of doing it again less daunting.

  19. Much thanks to John for that link to the Ken B article on pm which I found very interesting. Also I didn't know Ken has his own website and one that's had over ten million visitors so far!

    1. With that kind of traffic, maybe John should be advertising his Bessler books on Ken's website? Lol!

    2. Hell no! Ken is about selling his books and not John's. He's not charitable enough to put links to John himself. Pity he doesn't have a blog so John could bomb it till KB lost the will to live. 10 mill visitors - must have paid for a bot lol.

    3. Hey, anon 01:52, if you had actually read that Ken B article on PM to its end you would have realized that Ken DID put a link to John's website there and also paid John a very nice compliment as well which is something I have yet to hear John pay to Ken who over the years probably sent thousands of visitors to John's various websites who bought dozens of his Bessler books as a result.

  20. Rolling said "Hold on to bessler clues but not to tight."

    Well said sir. Many will look back and try to make Bessler's clues fit if a successful runner eventuates. Some clues will fit and others will be way off, in hindsight. It will never be proved that it was entirely Bessler's solution. He published much essentially to generate interest in his solution, not to give a road map to it. There will be many detours as you said that distract you and waste your time. Yet we still have to sort the wheat from the chaff, because we have no choice, and we have been exposed to it. And this adds layer upon intimidating layer like an onion skin.

    SK falls into a group of people who have convinced themselves they have the solution to Bessler's wheel. It's a group that you might belong to usually only for only a short time. Because you either build simulations and/or then go on to build a real wheel to test your theory. You pluck up the courage to put it to the test. Some members like SK are perpetually in this no-mans land of perpetual inertia, in his case 30 years. And will never leave the safety and comfort of their mind. Some members partner up with others with different skill sets, to make progress one way or another. And steps in-between. Ultimately it is hand wringing, knee knocking fear in their bonce, that paralyses them. Character and Psychology 101.

    1. At Anon 20:46
      Thanks for your input.
      I agree with you that I belong or once belonged to the category of people that have convinced themselves that they have the solution. But not anymore.
      I ve come to realize that nothing short of a wheel spinning before my very eyes would convince me that I have the solution.
      I know how exhilarating having an idea of a potential runner is,its like a high of it's own. Been there, done that. Nowadays, no matter how probable my idea seems, I dont think I ve got it until I actually test it. Some times I let the idea linger in my head and I keep poking and running simulations in my head until I find the flaw, saves me stress as I dont have to start building.
      My principle now is "dont linger". As soon as I get an idea the next thing is I always try to figure out the flaw,and I eventually do.
      The danger with letting an idea linger in your head is that when you eventually test it out and it doesn't work, you tend to lose confidence in yourself as the idea you ve harboured for so long is flawed and you will ne mad at yourself for not being able to spot it. You doubt your thinking process.
      So people, have an idea, test it out soonest, it flops, go back to your imagination drawing board and repeat.


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