Monday, 1 November 2021

Several glitches in my very old web site

It seems that my web site at which was my original site proclaiming the legend of Bessler’s wheel, has suffered some glitches over the last few years and I wasn’t aware that the PayPal buttons had been superseded by new ones!  That’s another “oops” from me and I apologise for not noticing sooner.  

It is very old having been born in January 1998 and I just visited the “wayback machine”*/ to check when I started this online journey - 23 years ago! 

You can obtain digital copies of all five of my books from this blog via the side panel, near the bottom, but I’m going to try to fix the buttons on the free-energy site as soon as I can.  

Printed books are available from my “print-on-demand” service at

In the mean time I will relocate the links to the books lower down on this page. You can also access the books and the legend through the books page right at the top of the right hand panel here.

Perpetual Motion: An Ancient Mystery Solved?"
 DIGITAL. (2.83MB) £5 to download – click on the adjacent link.


“Maschinen Tractate”
 DIGITAL (53.27MB) £5 to download – click on the adjacent link


“Apologia Poetica”
 DIGITAL ( 3.85MB)-£5 to download – click on the adjacent link.


“Das Triumphirende”
 DIGITAL (32.49MB) - £5 to download – click on the adjacent link


“Grundlicher Bericht”
 DIGITAL (6.74MB)- £5 to download – click on the adjacent link

I have withdrawn all the printed copies. But the digital copy is available.

Sorry for this hiccup, but hopefully everything will be put right ……eventually.


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