Monday, 9 April 2012


I've received several emails asking why I'm leaving everything 'til the 6th June before revealing what I've been working on.  Originally I planned to reveal my working wheel and an explanation of how I got there, timing it to around that date, but writing everything out is taking far longer than I anticipated and now I just want to finish it and put it out for people to see and comment on, whether for or against. 

The explanation is long and complex because I am explaining how each feature relates to a clue from Bessler's huge collection. I'm also justifying each one to the best of my ability and including explanatory drawings based on Bessler's originals.  I will transfer what I've written to one or more websites and include a downloadable pdf of the same, I'll try to make a video of it too, to put across anything that does not come across clearly in the other publications.

Immediately following publication I may be unavailable for a couple of weeks, I need some sunshine!  And perhaps it's just as well, I can let the dust settle before responding!  I'm not naive enough to think that everyone will be completely convinced by my work, but hopefully enough serious students of Bessler's wheel will take notice and look into what I have to say to either verify it or explain why they can't.

In the mean time, in between times, I'm working hard to finish my model made according to my design and based on what I believe Bessler did.  Whether or not my model works, the other stuff will be published.

As I'm going to share what I've done so far I might as well put the occasional clue from my work on my blog from time to time.



  1. @ JC

    Well, it sounds like you have a bag full of tasty nuts in store for us hungry squirrels! I'm already starting to drool! LOL!

    I will know rather quickly if you are on the "right track" or not. I look forward to seeing the design for the "magic lever" that you have derived, your interpretation of the "Connectedness Principle", and, most importantly, what I call the "Secret Principle" which relates to the unique spring suspension system that Bessler employed in order to make the ascending sides of his wheels "light and empty" while it made their descending sides "heavy and full" (a reference to the fixing of their weights' CoM on a rotating drum's descending side). I also EAGERLY look forward to your interpretations of the ALL IMPORTANT DT portrait symbols which contain the coded instructions for constructing his wheels!

  2. I was looking into doing pdfs , but they are hundreds of euros to buy a PDF creator .

  3. "but writing everything out is taking far longer than I anticipated and now I just want to finish it and put it out for people to see and comment on, whether for or against."

    That is almost word for word what you said that LAST time you thought you'd found the solution, and had set a ridiculous time period for releasing your findings, and loads of people asked you why you were going to take so long...

    It won't work. The explanation isn't complicated, because the mechanism can't be complicated. It can't need a long explanation, it must be so simple that you would understand it after seeing it for only ten seconds, otherwise Bessler wouldn't have been so worried about people even catching a peep inside his wheels.

  4. It is simple to understand but I want to explain why I think it is this particular design and actually it may be obvious when you see it, but it is not easy to get the design right without having it laid out in front of you, as you will see.

    I'm sorry you think I have promised much in the past and failed to deliver, hopefully I will set the record right this time.


  5. Further to the above, I have put out a lot of pages in the last few years and many about a year ago,but some get superseded and I note that one I put out previously has got a broken link but its still there at

    I have moved on from that explanation although there are parts which I still believe are on the right path. I must try to mend the link.


  6. Sounds good ,John. I think I speak for everyone when I say I'll be glad when June 6th is here, either way.

  7. "I think I speak for everyone"


    You don't speak for me. Nothing will happen on June 6th. John's solution won't work. Just like the last one.

    Anybody care to bet? £1,000?

  8. I would not risk it Anon,..It could very well be long before then!,then you would lose your money.

  9. What is your problem, dude?

    I said, "either way."

    Meaning if it works, great. If it doesn't, good for you.

    Either way, we can move on.

    Or some of us.

  10. Another ashamed anon, or maybe the same one. You seem a little piqued?


  11. PART I (Damn it...I would write a comment with 4,097 characters in it! LOL!)

    Well, I do hope that John has, finally, gotten it all figured out. That would really be nice and quite appropriate for the 300th Anniversary of Bessler's first publicly demonstrated wheel. However, what's really important here is that John is still trying to solve the mystery whether he's on the "right" or "wrong track" as I like to say. I intend to celebrate June 6th whether or not THE solution arrives on that day.

    Most people who find out about Bessler and his inventions tend to declare the whole thing a hoax and him a charlatan. Some, being a bit more open minded, will admit that he certainly did it but, after their own first few failed attempts (if they even make them!), declare that its an impossible task to figure out how he did it or, otherwise, it would have been done CENTURIES ago.

    It takes a VERY rare and dedicated mobilist, indeed, to hang in there despite failure after failure and focus his energies EXCLUSIVELY on trying to find out exactly how BESSLER did do it. Unfortunately, there have been many UNworkable alternate approaches to PM which have been proposed over the centuries. They tend to pop up like toxic mushrooms century after century and have drained off countless mobilist-hours of effort that have only accomplished ZERO, but might have finally found the secret of Bessler's wheels IF all of that effort that had been wasted could, instead, have been devoted to the "right track" approach to finding the solution. I now refer to these total time wasting approaches as "wrong track" approaches and those who are devoted (actually obsessed!) with them, as "wrong trackers". Sadly, I was one of them for more time than I'd like to admit to (measured in DECADES, not years!).

    IF one really wants to find the solution that BESSLER did, then he needs to stick with the best translations AND their interpretations of as many of the clues as he can find and then...I'll say it again..."Build, baby, build!" There really is no other way.

    BTW, John, I did visit your page and read up on the mechanism you've "moved on from" and I can see why. As the wheel turns CCW, the pairs of shifting levers passing 6:00 will shift their CoM back a bit toward the descending side (left side) of the wheel. But, this will then pose a fatal problem as each of the five mechanisms rotates toward the 12:00 position from the ascending side (right side) of wheel.

  12. Good comments technoguy, thanks. The design was a test to see if there was a way to lift the weight at six o'clock but in the event there were counteracting forces to cancel out the advantage.


  13. JC, I know whatever I say you won't give up, but just using levers, springs, pendulums is not enough. They all consume energy. There is no way they can be used as generators. What you can do is just increasing efficiency and thus constructing a very long lasting motion. Beleive the science. However I still beleive Bessler was not a fraud. There must be something else. Something everyone has overlooked...

  14. No Doug, you said "I think I speak for everyone" which makes you an arrogant fool...

    I think I speak for everyone when I say Bessler's Wheel will never be reproduced.

    See how stupid it sounds?

  15. I think I speak for everyone when I say anonymous has a chip on his shoulder.

  16. IMO if John reveals a principle which is based on the principle he revealed the last time then I see no chance for a working wheel also this time. But if he come up with something that's just different then there's a new chance. I only can always repeat that I don't believe on designs with shifting weights because as far it is known when lifting a weight another one must fall which results necessarily in counter torque.

  17. "I think I speak for everyone when I say anonymous has a chip on his shoulder."

    Oh, the irony...

    Let me explain it more simply for you...

    If you write "I think I speak for everybody" (which is what YOU did), then you're an arrogant fool, especially since I had already written a post which didn't agree with what you 'thought you were speaking for everybody' about...

    Hence you seem to think *I* have a chip on my shoulder, passing the blame onto others, in order to avoid facing your own arrogance.

    You don't speak for me. Do you agree?

    Therefore, you don't 'speak for everybody'.

    And John's latest idea won't work either.

  18. I know you are speaking literally Anon, but I'm sure you knew what Doug meant and although you might take umbrage at being included without your prior agreement, your attitude comes across as just petty and perhaps a little pedantic.

    You say my latest idea won't work, and you may be right but you have no means of knowing what I know, unless you can read my mind, and I doubt that.


  19. So you won't be glad when June 6th is here and John publishes his non-working idea, sparing you any more irritation?
    If you aren't glad then I guess I don't speak for you.
    In that case, you have my sympathy.


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