Thursday, 14 February 2013

Is this the end?

I think this blog has come to the end of its useful life.  I've enjoyed writing and posting stuff but the lack of response now I've made it necessary to sign in to comment has stifled all communication (except for you kind diehards!) and I must now decide whether to give up now or revert to allowing anyone to comment without any control, other than my abiity to delete.  I could continue with that but there is also the problem of spam which requires deleting several times a day and I'm not sure I can be bothered with that.

I think the only thing I can do is open it up for anyone to comment for now and see what happens.

Wish me luck and thanks.




  1. No worries, John. The popularity of your Blog will skyrocket once you get your wheel turning.
    Good luck, and thank you for all you've done.
    - Mark

  2. Good luck! I know you must do whatever is best for you.
    As there is almost no Bessler-related discussion at the Besslerwheel forum anymore, (this was the last place where anything of use where postet anymore) I keep my hopes up..

  3. I was under the impression that you had studied up on the clues enough to come up with a logical design.

    And I thought you were very serious about actually building an experimental prototype of that design.

    I was never quite sure how your blog fit in with actually doing something that counts.

    Step 1 is clear off your workbench, John. Get your project out of that cardboard box.
    Play with it for a while.

    Either your work ethic will come back...or it wont.

    Good luck.

  4. Tonight I actually shed a few tears for Bessler as I decoded and solved the ridles in MT 41 and 42. This (and "the toypage") is the most beatiful hidden intelectual complete processes I have ever seen revealed from a couple of "simple" handwritten notes. Especially when it see the light of day for the first time in 300 years. It made me think of all the struggle and pain he went through to protect this, and all the work we all have put down, including you John! Thank you again for the work you have done with the information in general.

    PS! I`m extremly excited about this, as the last percentage of personal doubt now is completely gone. I can prove everything, without any room for speculations.
    I`m dying to share, but how can I..

    If you put the blog to rest, I may still contact you (John) directly with some kind of proposal, but again I am confused about the steps to take with this now.

    Good night

    1. HI Øystein

      I am an avid reader reader of this Blog and normally lurk in the background :-) I have been working on BW since buying the books from John about 4 years ago.

      I think what they say must be true, that most inventions have a time to be discovered as after reading your post I think we are looking at a very similar design have you discovered the ratio? and the two other numbers that Bessler seems to be obsessed with?

      I recently re-looked at the waterwheel picture and that sent me in a new direction which I
      think must be very similar to the one your looking at.

      I don't see this search as a competition as I wish luck to us all, I just what this solved
      so that I can sleep again :-)

      All The Best


    2. Yes, I have discovered other numbers that is just as important as 5.
      But his "patent-grid" principle is buildt around 5 as the most common "buildingblock".
      So even if you draw a circle, it is impossible to say if it is the pencil or the circle that is most important. It is all needed to be a circle.

      I don`t know how you could have an idea if what I`m working on would be similar to your idea Terry? May I ask?

    3. I assumed because you mentioned mt41,42 and the toys page that we were working on something very similar perhaps not?. These pages have a common theme to me and directly correspond to the basis of my idea. Anyway perhaps its just coincidence and its seems that way?

      Good Luck with your investigations


  5. Wow, keep at it Øystein, it looks as if you are on the verge oif succes. Good luck and keep in touch.

    Bill, your impression is correct, I do have a logical design which I am desperate to work on. I can't at this moment as I have had one of my children, her husband and their children living with us since last November, and we have stored all their furniture and belongings here in the house, and in my workshop and in my mother-in-law's house. Topday we begin to move their stuff into a new house and it will take two or three weeks to complete all that is needed and then I can get back to the reral work - and I can't wait!

  6. I've removed the sign in requirement and will try to control things as before - for now!


  7. If it pleases you John,although I do think you have over-reacted to a bit of panic.
    It was just the topic you chose that people had nothing to say.
    Anyway let's see how it goes and if it gets out of hand you can always revert.

  8. I greatly enjoy coming here and reading, if it went I would miss it. Many thanks John for all your Bessler related effort and info ovber the years.

  9. Yes John,I agree.This is the only blog on Bessler's where something is developing.

  10. Je lis ce blog plusieur fois par semaine , je ne participe pas aux conversations car je ne métrise pas l'anglais,
    Bonne chance

  11. You can't control the comments, I don't mind it. But if you stop, don't leave us wondering about your character code up there. Some of us might be older than you! I'm not though!
    Long live perpetual motion! mwaha

  12. Just to up date you guys,..I am about to test a new wheel in the next day or so.
    This one uses free swinging pendulums that have absolutely no effect on the torque of the wheel.
    I have found a way absorb the energy of the bobbing pendulums,moving the center of gravity to one side.
    The critical question is,will the energy absorbed be enough to keep the wheel turning without dampening the swing of the pendulums.

  13. I read this blog all the time , because its interesting , the Bessler wheel is interesting .
    Was the first wheel shown self starting ? Because i can't remember if it was or not , i mean i can't remember from when i was studying it a year or so ago on the internet if the first one was self starting .


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