Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Could Someone Set My Poem To Music?

Too much to do and too little time to do it in, so instead of writing a blog this week, I’m posting a poem I wrote many years ago.  But here’s the thing, I’m kind of hoping that there might be someone out there who has a musical bent and would like to try to write a melody to accompany the words!

No, a ‘bent’ is not a musical instrument! I mean they have a talent for music.  You never know, a recording accompanying a video of a working wheel might earn the tunesmith a few coins! To be honest it wasn’t my idea, my granddaughter Amy suggested it

I would not sing it even if it had a tune.  My voice isn’t just bad, it has been said it falls some where between a frog’s croak and rusty hinges. Amy did suggest I rap it but I didn’t know what she meant! Actually I do and she thinks the words lend themselves to rap, but I don’t really like rap. So if you think you have the voice to attempt the singing, rap or ballad or rock, apply here!

I don't know if anyone ever uses the wayback machine, I just found a copy of one of my first webspages; bit of a shock, but interesting to me.  1998! Its like a time machine. I posted this poem back in 2003! So hopeful back in 1998, where have the years gone.

      This Ancient Mystery, I have sought, for many years, to solve and thought
      The secret of the wheel's construction lay beyond mere skilled deduction.
      So I brought the world's attention to this greatest missed invention.
      Hoped someone’s  ability’d recover this facility.

      Yet scarcely had the thought occurred before I realised how absurd
      It was that I should have the notion I could solve Perpetual Motion!
      This Ancient Mystery's merely myth, credited by those whose kith
      And kin forgot what they had learned, that energy spent must first be earned.

      Despite this fact there was some doubt - did Bessler find a way about
      This obstacle to energy, and find a force that's pure and free?
      Long ago my doubts were dashed, for sudden inspiration flashed,
      The energy whose source I sought was all around - its cost was naught.
      And wherein lies this bold solution that will solve the world's pollution?

      The answer lies in Gravity, a source of energy that's free.
      Conservative - its attitude to work is that its magnitude
      Remains the same. It does not stop. It's constant and it makes things drop.
      It’s said that this is contrary to what we think is verity,
      Gravity cannot be used and those who think so are confused.

      It matters not who's right or wrong - the clues have been there all along.
      Bessler wrote in ciphers rare but paranoid, he did not dare
      Reveal a clue - changed his ambition - sought posthumous recognition.
      Hid in text, cryptic instruction, showing us complete construction.
      His secret solved will be the key to giving us free energy.

      If you believe this can't be true, suspend your judgement - see if you
      Can find a fault in what you read about the proof, with which I plead.
      My aim is clear, intent is strong, to show that Bessler has been wronged.

      Please feel free to quote this poem as long as you acknowledge the author (John Collins)


  1. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no creative ability; so can't help. Sam Peppiatt

  2. good news for old lepard! this cat read poem and quick makes music for it! amy right it great for rapping tune.

    mr. lepard spots

    1. I agree Rick. FWEIW Why is he, and others, so hate full? I'll never understand it. Sam Peppiatt

  3. Rick in Michigan3 July 2019 at 23:15

    You, Sir, are the South end of a donkey going North! Don't you have anything better to do than irritate other people? Please find another 'hobby'.

    1. Rick in Michigan3 July 2019 at 23:19

      This does not appear to have posted as a reply to 'mr lepard spots', but that is obviously where I meant it to go.

    2. Actually, I find Mr. Lepard Spots comments some of the more interesting ones on this blog! Keep up the good work, MLS, we love your "loopy vids"!

  4. happy fourth july independent day to all american pm wheel chasing cats! here some pyrotechs to helps all celbrate the 243th speical 1776 nation birthday.

    mr. lepard spots

  5. John Collins,
    How long did it take you to write the poem? Also do you mind if I copy it? I would like to keep it in my log book.

    1. John,

      Bessler, has been wronged, and for so long, it does deserve a song,

      Sam Peppiatt

    2. Of course you can copy it Sam, if you share it I’d appreciate acknowledging me as the poet. I’ve written several poems, and they tend to get scribbled on to a bit of paper when the urge takes me.


  6. great news to all! cat above that make tune from old lepards poem turn it into rapping dance. it called the bessler wheel rumba! it becoming big big hit over whole world! all cats now dancing it and singing tune! this rapping hit bigger than charslton or tango or twist! here loopy vid of cat doing the besler wheel rumba! he so happy.

    i would it do too but knees no good now. maybe after i gets the new joints put in.

    mr. lepard spots

    1. That can't be a real cat. Maybe it's someone wearing a realistic cat costume and dancing on an oversized couch? Has to be fake.

  7. Thank you for sharing us education, please kindly visit mine :D



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