Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Update on the Johann Bessler blog.

I was reluctant to add a step to allow access to commenting on my blog, but the amount of anonymous nonsense being posted has forced my hand.  It isn't just that though; the number of spam comments containing links to other sites has risen too much for me to waste time deleting them.  I have tried from the start of this blog, to allow anyone to comment as they see fit, with only a request for moderate language to be used, with no problem.  

The comments are restricted in length by, and I think this is a reasonable requirement, there is still enough room to say what you want to say usually.  This restriction can be overcome by posting longer comments in two parts, but this is meant to be used sparingly, otherwise they woudn't restrict their length.

I thought that people would enjoy commenting on things I posted but I was quite happy for the comments to stray off subject, just as they do on the forum.  To me the important thing is for people who would like to discuss Bessler to have somewhere they can just comment or express a view or an opinion, as an alternative to the forum.

I shall continue to publish blogs as the mood takes me but I'm sure there will be a fall in the number of comments posted, but the visitors continue to run at over 150 a day, so I'm sure that people will still read my words even if they can't be bothered to sign on with their google password, so they can comment.  There have been 286,697 pageviews since I began, which is small beer for the professional bloggers who probably get that many in a day, but I'm happy with that - for the moment!

When I began this blog I never thought I would be able to find something to write about very often, but it's surprising how subjects pop up, sometimes through emails, or other comments or from my own research.

Looking at the stats I see that the vast majority of readers come from the USA, surprisingly Poland comes second and the UK third.  Australia and France more orless the same in next place.  I tend to use Chrome as a browser but surprisingly, the most popular browser used to visit my blog is Firefox, then Internet Explorer and then Safari.  Among the Operating Systems used, windows is the most popular but the use of the Ipad is increasing at a huge rate and the other tablet systems are right there just behind them so I guess this means that more and more people are accessing blogs through their iphones and similar devices.

Finally I'm sorry I have included the password step but I think it was overdue.




  1. Thanks John,..I knew you would solve it.

  2. Yes, it's pretty quiet now. Shh. The _____ mover is sleeping.

  3. I was wading through my junk box full of screws and things when to my surprise I came upon a brass button with an engraving of back to back R's.I was blown away and I straight away thought of Bessler's logo.
    John,do you think the back to back R's represents a mechanical configuration or could it represent a a relevant word in the German language relating to something like,reaction.
    I say this because I keep thinking about the purpose of the hammers in the wheel and the accompanying noise.

  4. For me, the two back to back 'R's show the path of a part of the mechanism. I have no convincing evidence in support of that theory Trevor, just an instinct. Interesting find of yours, I wonder what it represented.

    The German for wheel is Rad, perhaps it reprented a wheel (rad), turning in either direction?


  5. Wow!..That's interesting,that has to be the correct explanation.I did not know that rad meant wheel.
    That helps me to move on.

  6. Is this the only time where letters are shown back to back?

  7. Do you mean in relation to Bessler, Doug? He uses it several times in his logo and his signature. He also uses the letter 'E' in similar way, but in his ALBAM/ROT13 Cipher, 'E' becomes 'R' anyway.

    Apart from these cases he doesn't seem to have used any other letters elsewhere.


  8. So do you think he might have created the logo/signature first? Then he created the name (with the cipher and extra names, since E.B. didn't work) to fit the avatar/logo/signature, rather than the other way around?

    If that were true, there isn't any clue connection - involving paths or mechanisms - between the logo and the wheel, other than a graphic one.

  9. I think he planned to place coded information in a published book so that he could point to it at a later date, to prove he had solved the PM puzzle prior to the date of publication.

    He invented the name ORFFYREUS because that was going to be the basis for his method of encodement. The presence of the pentagram appears throughout his work and I think it originally became significant because his machine required at least five mechanisms and more but only in odd numbers.

    His orignal forename was Elias and the E, the fifth letter of the alphabet, became an R, through his code system. He doubled up the E/R, in my opinion because each mechanism had a pair of weights, making five pairs. So he added another E (Ernst) tp provide the extra E.

    Alternative ly one can argue that he doubled up the E/R or 5. because his wheels could turn in either direction. If so that would lead to the use of the back-to-back R to indicate that idea.

    His logo looks like a wheel supported on a pair of back-to-back Rs; I have suggested that it might have the dual meaning of indicating the path of the weights within each mechanism, but I admit it is even more speculative than my other suggestions.


  10. I think the 'turn in either direction' is right.
    Since we know the path of a pair of weights is independent of the work they do, that's all that's left. 5 may be something, who knows?


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